One Nation candidate claims ‘gays are using Nazi-style mind control’

One Nation candidate claims ‘gays are using Nazi-style mind control’
Image: Pauline Hanson. Photo: Facebook

A ONE Nation candidate says gay people are promoting marriage equality using mind control techniques developed by Nazis and communists.

Michelle Meyers, the party’s candidate for Bateman in WA, made the outrageous claims on Facebook.

“Are you wondering why even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry’s pitch and push for same-sex ‘marriage’ and acceptance of fake families?” she posted late last year.

“It’s not by accident, it’s a carefully contrived but disingenuous mind control program.”

 Meyers, who has previously been a candidate for the Australian Christians, went on to describe the mind control program. She claimed it was developed by two unnamed gay Norwegians and based on Nazi and communist mind control techniques.

She referred to gay people as “unnatural, unproductive and unhealthy” and said the rainbow has become a symbol of a “sexually corrupt and morally bankrupt society”.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said, “I am increasingly concerned about the growing demonisation of the LGBTI community, and the outrageous claims by Michelle Meyers are profoundly insensitive and inappropriate.

“No matter how strongly one opposes gay marriage, invoking Nazi terminology and analogies to demean those who advocate for its legalisation has no place in civil discourse.

“I would remind Ms Meyers that gay and lesbian people were targeted and brutally murdered by Hitler’s evil regime, as part of its plan to systematically exterminate the Jewish people and others. Her statements do a great disservice to the historical truth, trivialise the Holocaust and are an insult to the memory of the victims and the survivors.

“We hope Ms Meyers will reconsider her words in the future and will stop invoking such comparisons so as to make her case.”

The revelation of Meyers’ comments follows several other homophobic remarks by One Nation candidates in recent months.

In January, Senator Pauline Hanson backed Glasshouse candidate Tracey Bell-Henselin after her comments that the LGBTI community was “out to destroy families”. The week prior, the party dumped Bundamba candidate Shan Ju Lin for similar online homophobic comments.

Meyers is the latest of several controversial One Nation candidates in WA.

David Archibald, candidate for Pilbara, was revealed to have written a column in 2015 criticising single mothers as “lazy”. Rozane Bezuidenhout, candidate for Cannington, used Facebook to call for a return to white rule in South Africa. Ross Slater, candidate for Murray-Wellington, said online that marriage equality would lead to “multitudinous marriage and sibling marriage”, while claiming that countries with same-sex marriage consider heterosexuality “abnormal”.

All candidates are still endorsed by One Nation.

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