Reneé Rapp’s Extremely Queer Coachella Set Included The Cast of ‘The L Word’ AND Kesha

Reneé Rapp’s Extremely Queer Coachella Set Included The Cast of ‘The L Word’ AND Kesha
Image: Source: @kesharose on Instagram

Reneé Rapp took to the stage at Coachella today (Sunday April 14th in the USA) with one of the queerest sets of the festival so far, thanks to appearances from the cast of The L Word and the original TiK ToK star Kesha. 

The air in the crowd was crackling with excitement as The L Word’s Jennifer Beals, Kate Moenning, Leisha Hailey and creator Ilene Chaiken stepped onto the stage ahead of Rapp to set the atmosphere for the show. 

After Chaiken said that the show was “Reneé’s favourite”, the four shouted “Let’s go lesbians!” as the singer stormed out onto the stage of Coachella’s Outdoor Theatre and began her set with Talk Too Much

Dressed in an all-black look highly reminiscent of her SNL performance in January that drove sapphics everywhere crazy, started off her set with fan favourite songs from Snow Angel and Everything to Everyone. At times, it was hard to hear Reneé singing over the rapturous crowd.

Kesha’s appearance during Reneé Rapp’s set

The highlight of the set came 6 songs in when Reneé introduced fellow LGBTQIA+ icon Kesha to the stage as “the hottest person alive,” sending the crowd wild.

The duo had both teased the collaboration earlier in the day, with Reneé tweeting tweaked lyrics to TikTok while Kesha said: “Boys, they come, and they go. Hot babes last forever.” 

The duo then launched into an updated version of Kesha’s TiK ToK, beginning with “Wake up in the morning like f*ck P Diddy” for obvious reasons. The pair’s rendition received deafening applause from the crowd once it was finished. 

Reneé had clearly won the crowd over already with this appearance, and finished the set with the help of an enthusiastic and excited crowd.

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