Rishi Sunak Says Youth Social Transitioning “Not A Neutral Act”

Rishi Sunak Says Youth Social Transitioning “Not A Neutral Act”
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United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stated that the social transition of trans kids is “not a neutral act”, saying that it could cause harm to gender-questioning youth. 

Sunak said that “no one should be forced to use preferred pronouns” or “accept contested belief as fact” in a statement to GB News on Tuesday April 9th

The Prime Minister’s statement comes ahead of The Cass Review, a huge report on the UK’s National Health Service model-of-care for trans youth under 18 years of age.

The review, which is being conducted by Dr Hilary Cass, is expected to recommend that the NHS will advocate for a mental health care package approach.

It’s understood that the report will suggest that children questioning their gender shouldn’t be locked into “radical medical treatment”, but instead investigate other issues that children are potentially having at home. However, many in the trans community have taken issue with findings of the Cass Review, such as the Trans Justice Project who stated that the review could not be trusted.

Sunak has welcomed the report’s findings, with a spokesperson for the prime minister talking about the importance of safety for children and adolescents. 

Puberty blockers stopped in UK

Sunak’s comments and the upcoming report follow NHS England’s decision to cease offering puberty blockers to trans youth last month

Though those still on blockers were allowed to continue their treatment, anyone else seeking them can only gain access through mandatory research trials. 

Trans youth charity Mermaids described the move as a blow to the community: “This announcement is deeply disappointing, and a further restriction of support offered to trans children and young people through the NHS, which is failing trans youth.

“Everyone deserves access to healthcare, and to live happy and healthy lives. Trans youth are no exception.”

Rishi Sunak’s previous trans comments

Since assuming the role of Prime Minister in 2022, Sunak has a history of disparaging comments about trans people. 

When asked directly by Julia Hartley-Brewster whether a trans woman is a woman at a Conservative leadership conference in 2022, Sunak simply replied “No.”

A video obtained by PinkNews in 2023 showed a video of Sunak privately joking to other Tory MPs about “women having penises” and mocking Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey for his support of trans rights.

Sunak also supported a proposed ban of trans women in female hospital wards, and controversially stated at a Conservative Party Conference that “a man is a man and a woman is a woman, that’s just common sense.”

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