Gay Furry Hackers Attack Alt-Right Media Platform

Gay Furry Hackers Attack Alt-Right Media Platform
Image: SiegedSec key art and Real America's Voice owner Robert Sigg. Sources: @SiegedSec and @nandoodles on X/Twitter

SiegedSec, a hacker group who unashamedly describe themselves as “gay furries”, have shared that they breached the database of an American far-right media outlet. 

Initially reported by The Daily Dot, the group called SiegedSec digitally infiltrated the archives of Real America’s Voice as part of #OpTransRights2 and released the findings on April 15th.  

Real America’s Voice, which is owned by secretive businessman Robert Sigg, regularly features prominent far-right figures like Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump. It was targeted by SiegedSec for its particular “spreading misinformation and transphobia.” 

Sharing the news and leaks on Telegram, the data contains a number of information about the show’s top hosts like Kirk, Steve Bannon and Ted Nugent, as well as data of over 1,200 site users. 

Additionally, SiegedSec wiped user data from the site’s API and the site’s cloud storage in the attack. It’s currently unclear if this hack will have lasting impact on the operation of the site. 

It’s not the first hack that SiegedSec has undertaken as part of their recent campaign against transphobia. Last year, SiegedSec targeted US government websites in five states for their anti-trans policies, leaking data and defacing landing pages. 

Earlier this month, the group hacked the Minnesota River Valley Church and leaked over 15,000 user accounts and spent thousands of dollars on inflatable sea lions, and later doxed pastor Rob Ketterling. 

SiegedSec address concerns

In the Telegram message sharing the Real America’s Voice leak with their followers, SiegedSec wrote about concerns they’ve received in regards to the optics of their actions.

“Throughout our attacks on transphobic entities, we have received concerns that our attacks will be used to label the LGBTQ+ community as ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals,’’ the group said.

“The thing is, these types of people will blame the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do. They will look for a reason to hate, they won’t listen to reason, they want to spread lies to shun people different than them.

“And so here we are, fighting back in our own way, delivering justice to those who spread hate. You can help too! Not all change has to be criminal, but not all change happens peacefully.” 

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