UFC Fighter Charles Radtke Booed After Using Anti-Gay Slur Following Sydney Match

UFC Fighter Charles Radtke Booed After Using Anti-Gay Slur Following Sydney Match
Image: Charles Radtke (Left) and Daniel Cormier (Right) during the interview. Image: KJ Crypto/Twitter


American UFC fighter Charles Radtke has been criticised and booed out of Sydney’s Qudos Stadium, after using a homophobic slur during his post-match interview.

Trigger Warning: This story has details and visuals of anti-gay slurs, which might be distressing to some readers. For 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For Australia-wide LGBTQI peer support call QLife on 1800 184 527 or webchat.

Radtke fought and won against Mike Mathetha early Sunday morning. Following the match, Radtke was approached for an interview, when the crowd began to heckle against his victory.

When asked about his thoughts on receiving his first UFC victory by UFC legend Daniel Cormier, Radtke speaks out on his dissatisfaction with the crowd.

“It felt great, so fuck all you faggots up in the crowd,” said Radtke.

“Come down and get some you pussy arse bitch. Fuck you,” he continues, as he gestures his middle finger to the crowd.

Shocked by the comment, Cormier exits the interview. Radtke is escorted off the ring, as the crowd’s booing becomes increasingly louder.

Audiences React To Slur

Many have taken to social media to share their shock and disappointment with the fighter words. One twitter user described the event as “shameful.”


Previous UFC Champion, Dana White, addressed the situation post-match that he “made a mistake” due to how “emotional” the fighter was.

White credits Radtke for eventually apologising after the match, saying he was “embarrassed” by his action.

“Oops” Before Apologising

After the match, with many left shocked and frustrated at Radtke’s use of the slur, he tweeted “Oops..”

Two hours later, Radtke shared an apology to social media saying, “My sincere apologies to all of you watching today.”

The message attached with a Notes app screenshot states, “Those comments are not a reflection of who I am and they don’t belong on a platform as great as what the UFC has provided me.

“My emotions were running high.. It’s hard to explain the way your mind works when you’re lowked in a cage to fight another man with your entire livelihood and dreams on the line.”

Radtke says he plans to “learn from [his] mistakes” and “correct them in the future.” He concludes the message saying he “loves everybody.”



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2 responses to “UFC Fighter Charles Radtke Booed After Using Anti-Gay Slur Following Sydney Match”

  1. Radtke is married with two young sons. He’s not only a poor example of a human, even more so a father. His kids could grow up just like him with the
    same hatred as he has. One can only wonder if he spews out his hatred in private at home.

  2. Radtke expressed his true feelings about the LGBT after the match. It’s obvious that he apologized to please the UFC. He wants to look better in the eyes of the UFC and fans. The bottom line is that Radtke.is ignorant and full of hate! I’m surprised he hasn’t been suspended from the UFC because of his actions.