We Are Pride: Bringing Queer Cinema Into Your Hands

We Are Pride: Bringing Queer Cinema Into Your Hands

Bring queer joy to your screens with ease; introducing We Are Pride, the haven for the best LGBTQI+ films by the community, for the community.

Are you tired of scrolling through multiple media subscriptions, just to find one queer-led film? We have all been a part of the exhausting doom scroll, sorting through the various ‘straight-forward’ titles whilst looking for some good representation and entertainment.

This is where We Are Pride comes into play. Providing authentic queer stories from all across the rainbow community, We Are Pride distributes the latest and gayest stories available – for free! With over 400 video titles to choose from, you’ll find anything to suit your entertainment pleasure.

Get all the tender, hilarious, heartbreaking and enlightening moments that you get from cinema – but with a queer twist. Find your new favourite TV or film series, find new insights with their documentary range, or get that cosy feeling from their festive selections. Providing the platform to showcase the calibre of talent from LGBTQI+ creators, the power is now in your hands, literally!

We Are Pride distributes from their YouTube Channel and is available to watch wherever you want. Whether you're on your phone, your laptop or at your own home cinema, hundreds of entertainment choices are right at your fingertips.

With an audience of over 400,000 regular viewers, We Are Pride’s loyal fan base is a testament to their dedicated work to adding the latest film titles to the range, ready for you to explore.

Star Observer has chosen a few titles from their library-sized collection for you to check out:

We Need A Little ChristmasHeartwarming Drama

Slip into the festive gear with LesFlicks’ We Need A Little Christmas. Trisha Covington-Smith, in a bold decision, has gathered her beloved wife Chris, and their precious children, to embark on a journey to a secluded cabin nestled in the woods. Along with Trisha’s closest friends, Lindsay and Brighton, and her new coworker Angel, they plan for a Christmas-themed weekend brimming with laughter and love. However, secrets that were once buried knee-deep will resurface. Their Christmas spirit will be tested, needing to forgive and empathise with each other to heal and forge unexpected bonds of friendship and love.


Red LodgeRomance, Drama and Comedy

Keeping up with Christmas festivities, Red Lodge brings a flare of drama and comedy to this tale of gay romance. Jordan, our protagonist, suddenly decides to drop down to one knee and proposes to his partner Dave whilst waiting for their train. Caught up in the excitement and nervousness of it all, Dave impulsively says ‘yes’ until he quickly takes it back. Both Dave and Jordan try to survive the holidays whilst trying to both deal and sort through their emotional backlog. Dealing with friends, family and the ultimate Christmas celebrations – Will their love make it to the New Year?


Cicada SongThriller Mystery

Looking for something to bring a tingle to your spine, get enthralled with the sapphic murder mystery, Cicada Song. Karen must regain her fierce spirit and a compassionate heart, after being left for dead in the depths of her small town. Whilst dealing with her own trauma, she’s on the trail quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her lover, Esmeralda, and a migrant child who had led her down a treacherous path, culminating in her abandonment in the unforgiving wilderness. Something always perks behind the tree in this insightful and politically relevant thriller that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.


Our Transgender Love StoryTrans Romance Documentary

One of the incredibly touching real-life stories on We Are Pride is the documentary Our Transgender Love Story. This extraordinary insight into two public figures, their marriage and the process of supporting a partner’s transition is an incredible tale for all to see. Asia’s Next Top Model host, Joey Mead King, and her husband, Ian King, we're no strangers to the
spotlight. However, both of their lives were changed forever, when Ian was blackmailed to reveal their trans identity. With Joey’s love and support, Angelina was born. This heartwarming documentary provides a glimpse into both socialites' lives and the cultural perception of trans people within Asia.


Some other incredible titles to check out include; Christmas romantic-drama, The Higher Spirit; lesbian thriller, One Four Three; queer rom-com and binge-fest, Eating Out; and so many more.

With so many titles to explore, join We Are Pride’s inclusive film community today, and experience authentically made LGBTQI+ stories straight to your home’s screens!

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