Shakespeare To The Max: Pride Guide 2024

Shakespeare To The Max: Pride Guide 2024
Image: By Daniel Boyd. & Juliet Australian Production.

With a book by Emmy-winning writer of the quirky comedy series, Schitt’s Creek, and featuring the repurposed songs from phenomenal pop-hit guru, Max Martin, the success of & Juliet is virtually guaranteed. However, the show itself may not be as predictable as you think.

The premise works backwards from the unhappy ending of Shakespeare’s tale and asks: what if Juliet didn’t drink the vial of poison? What if, instead of giving her life for Romeo, she took it back and lived it herself on her own terms?

It’s a story for now, and it explores themes of independence, reawakening, identity and love in all its glory and complexity. One of the biggest hype factors of this musical is the inclusion of some of the greatest pop hits of the last three decades, penned by Swedish super
songwriter/producer Max Martin.

Despite their strong association with pop stars such as Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry among many other major stars, the songs fit seamlessly into the plot of & Juliet.

The Australian cast for & Juliet is representative of the platinum-level talent we have here. Featuring Lorinda May Merrypor, Blake Appelqvist, Rob Mills, Amy Lehpamer, Casey Donovan, and Hayden Tee.

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When: February 27 – April 28

Where: Sydney Lyric Theatre, 55 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont

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