tumblr_md96wpObcT1r6jwgyo1_r1_1280ACCORDING to the founder and chief executive of Grindr, Joel Simkhai, his creation has made the gay community healthier and better looking.

He believed seven million members in 192 countries strived to be better-looking than the square next to them on the dating app.

In an interview on the Huffington Post, Simkhai said: “I’m very proud if Grindr has forced us to up our game. To brush our teeth. Comb our hair. Eat right. Go to the gym. Be a healthy person. Cut back on the smoking. Cut back on the bad things and look your best… I certainly go to the gym more because of Grindr. I’m competing with the guy a space away from me on that grid.”

Simkhai also believed that his app has helped those who are in isolated parts of countries around the world where there may not be a gay bar in town, connect and exchange photos.

As for Grindr’s critics, who believe the app and others like it are hurting gay bars and reducing gay men to unrealistic ideals, Simkhai responded in the interview by saying: “From my perspective, before we came onboard in the day of the Internet, of the pure Internet — computers and laptops — you essentially had to stay home to use an online service,” he countered.

“So you had a binary choice. You either would go out or you would use your computer. Grindr now gives you another choice, where you can be online and offline. You can be at the bar on Grindr. So you don’t have to choose between going to the gay bar and going online … We’re men. We visualise. We see before we hear, before we think, before we do anything else. That’s how we are. I haven’t changed that. That’s what our evolution has taught us to do.”

What do you think of Grindr? Has it made you healthier and better looking? Or is the app destroying the ‘gay scene’? Comment below.

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