Get To Know Charles From ABC’s Better Date Than Never

Get To Know Charles From ABC’s Better Date Than Never
Image: Charles. 'Better Date Than Never' First Look Screengrabs

Better Date Than Never is an Australian dating show featuring a diverse cast of individuals who are taking their first steps into the dating world.

The premise is a hopeful Disney-esque one, where the derived wordplay meaning from ‘better late than never’ proposes that there’s always a chance for love as long as you try.

Season 1 featured castmates Dianne and Charles who captured the trepidatious journey of dating as newly self-anointed Queer people.

‘I Wondered If We Would Get Any Insights Into The Difficulties Of Queer Asian Dating’

Charles has been living in Australia for a few years and is doing a PhD in environmental engineering, focusing on the benefit of algae against climate change. As another Chinese man I was invested in Charle’s story the most. He captured a relatable energy when it came to the anxiety of dating and I wondered if we would get any insights into the difficulties of Queer Asian dating.

The cynic in me was eager to see if the show could maintain its rose-coloured premise with Charles, or were the difficulties of the Sydney Queer scene going to serve as a harsh wake-up call to the producers? If they did indeed succeed, I was ready to take in the lessons that led to Charles’s dating success and renew my hope in love once again.

Spoiler alert – I’m still a cynic. And of course, it’d be a grand tale to assume that only after four dates, Charles would have found what he was looking for.

Charles Returns For Second Season

Fortunately, with some experience under his belt, Charles is returning for the second season of Better Date Than Never to continue his search for romance. In preparation for its premiere, I was able to get in touch with Charles to gain some insights on his journey.

Hi Charles, do you have an interesting fact about algae you’d like to share?

More than 50% of photosynthesis in the world is done by algae.

What are your hobbies?

My all time hobbies are hiking and musicals. Other than that, cooking, gaming, and books contribute most of my free time consumption.

What made you decide to join Better Date Than Never?

It was when I experienced post-Mardi-gras blues in 2022. I felt like I really needed to change things and embrace one of the most important sides of me.

What was your experience with dating before joining the show?

I tried dating apps but never really got a date, only sex requests. I tried to find someone amongst the people I know but was too scared to ask.

How does dating in Sydney differ from dating in your home city?

I didn’t date in my home city. Dating in Sydney is tough. According to my friends, somehow Sydney people are more used to platonic connections.

What are some of the things you learnt during your time on the show? Do you feel you’ve changed since season 1?

I learnt more about how to prepare myself for a date. How to pick up some clothes (I discuss them with filming staff). And more importantly how to mentally prepare for dates, not saying I’m good at it though!

Do you have any advice for other people looking for love?

I would say dates are always less scary in reality than imagination. People are nicer than we always worry about. And ain’t nobody gonna stare at that one pimple on your forehead the whole night.

What conversation topics do you enjoy talking about?

Climate change. It’s associated with my nature loving hobby as well as my career passion. If there is a connection on this, I will feel very good.

What can we expect from Charles in the second season of Better Date Than Never?

I will have speed dates. It’s more diverse.

Can you describe your whole time on the show in one word?


Like algae, will Charles be able to thrive in the ‘all-gay’ scene of Sydney? (I tried.)  What lessons will he learn and teach us viewers at home? What new strategies will the producers concoct to help Charles find love? We’ll just have to find out in the second season of Better Date Than Never, which premiered on 20 February 8.30pm on ABC iview and ABC TV.

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