Out American Actor Troy Iwata Shares His Pick For ‘Gayest’ Holiday Movie

Out American Actor Troy Iwata Shares His Pick For ‘Gayest’ Holiday Movie
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Out American actor Troy Iwata opened up about his gay coming of age in a new interview. 

In an interview with Queerty, Iwata revealed his first Queer safe space, his earliest celebrity crush, and, as it’s the season for it, his pick for the “gayest” classic holiday movie.

‘Of Course, I Fell In Love With All Of Them’

Talking about the first space where he felt he belonged, Iwata said, “As gay as it sounds—well that’s the point—Disneyland.” 

He continued, “I grew up in a small mountain town and genuinely didn’t meet my first out and proud gay person until college when I worked there. Of course, I fell in love with all of them and the lesbians became protective mothers. 

“And don’t even get me started on Disney’s Gay Days, college Troy was overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and lust, ya know, the 3 emotions everyone has at Disneyland.”

Disney’s Phil Of The Future

Speaking of Disney, Iwata revealed his first gay celebrity crush was Raviv Ullman from Disney’s Phil Of The Future.

“He would um…smile a lot, and he has nice…thick teeth, boy’s got good enamel.” 

Iwata added, “Also Benny from The Sandlot, specifically when he’s running from the Beast through the Founders Day Picnic and he clears that 5-tiered cake, I mean that is a true showcase of peak physical fitness.”

‘Gayest’ Holiday Movie

With the holidays coming in fast, everyone has their favourite holiday movies. Iwata shared his pick for the ‘gayest’ holiday movie. 

Love Actually takes the cake only because everyone in that movie is so melodramatic and needs to get the f*ck over themselves. Even the title is gay, it’s as if the movie is just called “Love: but they don’t think you believe them, “Love…Actually.” Like I know gurl, I heard you.”

Iwata also named How The Grinch Stole Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas, explaining that the two movies are “tied for 2nd because they both feature a boatload of unofficially LGBTQIA+ characters.”

Iwata is best known for appearing in the 2020 Netflix holiday rom-com series Dash & Lily.

Iwata has also appeared in What Lies Below, WeCrashed, Burning Man: The Musical, and Queer horror comedy Summoning Sylvia.

He recently appeared as a guest correspondent on the satirical news show, The Daily Show.


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