Rebel Wilson Claims Producers Embezzled, Blocked Her Directorial Debut

Rebel Wilson Claims Producers Embezzled, Blocked Her Directorial Debut
Image: Rebel Wilson on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Image: BBC Radio 4 / Twittter

Actress and first-time director Rebel Wilson has lambasted the backers of her directorial debut The Deb in a video on Instagram accusing them of preventing the film from making its world premiere as the closing-night film at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

The Pitch Perfect star posted a video to Instagram where she stated:

“So you might have noticed that I did a post a couple, you know, like a week ago, about my film, the first film that I’ve directed that I’m so proud of The Deb, which is a little Australian original musical that is so cute, and it’s awesome that it got selected for closing night of the Toronto Film Festival, which is like … just you know, the best platform, and to be a first-time female director it’s just like, I mean, it’s huge. It’s massive.

“So to have the joy of the movie being selected is one thing. But then to have the business partners that are involved in that movie turn around and say that no, the movie can’t premiere, is just beyond devastating.

“Why are they saying this? Why are they stopping it from premiering at Toronto?”

Bad behaviour, embezzling funds

Wilson continued: “Well, this dates back to October of last year, where I discovered bad behavior by these business partners. And let me just, you know, I just tell it how it is, so I’m just going to tell you who they are. They are so called producers of the film — I use that phrase very lightly. 

“Their names are Amanda Ghost, and Gregory Cameron, and an executive producer who works with them called Vince Holden. So these are the people involved.

“And so I said, reported, I guess you would say, their bad behavior when I found out not minor things, big things, you know, inappropriate behavior towards the lead actress of the film, embezzling funds from the film’s budget, which we really needed because we’re a small movie, you know? So kind of really important things.

“Since I reported that behavior, I have been met with absolute viciousness and retaliatory behavior while I’m on set trying to film my movie with my gorgeous Australian cast and crew who are so amazing — shout out to all of you guys.”

“They might bury it”

Wilson also referred to attempts by the producers to “bury it”.

“They might not release it, they might bury it. This is work of hundreds of people who have put their heart and soul into this. And this behavior is absolutely vile and disgusting. 

“Yeah, so that’s my dilemma. If the movie doesn’t play at Toronto, it’s because of these absolute f*ckwits.”

Producers respond to Rebel Wilson

The producers of The Deb have responded:

“RW’s allegations are false, defamatory, and disappointing,” a spokesperson for the producers told Deadline later in the day. 

“Her self-promotional claims are clearly intended to cause reputational harm to the individuals who have supported her directorial debut film The Deb — a joyous movie that we’re very proud of and are looking forward to sharing with audiences. 

“For her to promote a false narrative to advance her own agenda undermines the film and all the people who worked on this project.”

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