DIVA Belle of the Ball   

DIVA Belle of the Ball   
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It’s back again, one of the Diva Awards great traditions – the Belle of the Ball. Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race made the catwalk famous, Diva guests were parading their own eleganza in the one category anyone attending the ceremony can win.

From the very first Diva, through all the connecting years, to this 30th Anniversary, it’s a highly contested honour to own – bragging rights last a lifetime.

The Belle of the Ball is open to all, and the whole venue is the catwalk. Secret expert judges are checking everyone out as they arrive to form a shortlist, who then get the opportunity to make it to the stage and a moment in the spotlight.

Past years, the winning Belle has had looks ranging from glamour personified, to drop-dead gorgeous, as camp as hell, and just a massive gig.

The Sunday papers paparazzi love the Diva red carpet, better than the Logies they say, and hey your mum might see you in the Tele!

In fact, the lineup of finalists at last year’s ceremony were spectacular and as good as any seen before.

Sheila Bliege, Divas top queen and lover of a showstopping gown said “After 3 years to think about what to wear, we think this year’s Belle of the Ball could be the most hotly contested since Fuschia Star arrived on the Town Hall steps in 2002 wearing a gorgeous gown from the front but on the flipside a bare back and bottom”.

So, go for it – bring your best look and sashay the red carpet.

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