What to expect for your first time at a bear night

What to expect for your first time at a bear night

Each month we’ll take a trip into the woods to catch up with our community’s bears and their admirers. This month President of Brisbears Richard Steer talks what to expect when you’re expecting bears.

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If you are curious about attending a bear night but have never been before, this guide should give you an idea of what to expect.

A warm greeting. Our committee members at the front desk love seeing new people attend. Say hello to them and let them know it’s your first time.

They will ensure you’re made to feel very welcome and will introduce you to some of our friendly members.

Men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. Sure, we have more than our fair share of burly men with hairy chests, but bears are a diverse group of men and you will feel welcome.

Friendly bears. The men who attend our events are from a wide range of backgrounds and have broad interests.  

They attend Den Nights to catch up with friends and love meeting new people.  

If you’ve let our front desk know you’re a newbie, they will ensure you are introduced to some of these friendly guys.  

You may just meet a new lifelong friend or love interest.

If you’re attending a Brisbears Den Night you can also expect a private space.

Brisbears meet in The Bunker Bar at Sportsman Hotel, or the Sporties at the locals call it.

The Bunker Bar is a private space, with a full-service bar (be sure to say hello to former Mr Bear Queensland, Scott), standing room for 200 guests, and a dance floor with a DJ booth.

Brisbears always have Brisbane’s best LGBTI DJs playing.

With our annual Northern Exposure event coming up in October, now is the time to get acquainted with Brisbears.  

Northern Exposure is shaping-up to be one of the best bear festivals yet, with a wide range of social and party activities and events happening over four days.

From pub nights to daytime activities, there will be something for everyone.

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  1. Ha!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh my first time was practically shunned. So many clicky groups and unless U have the right body type then forget it. Well that’s what I’ve experienced in brisbane