Hey Gaymers!: Fallout, Super Mario Party, Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Hey Gaymers!: Fallout, Super Mario Party, Starlink: Battle for Atlas

I’m so excited, because October is finally here and there are some amazing games on their way across all platforms.

First off, launching across all consoles is the first ‘toy-to-life’ game since Skylanders and Disney Infinity, called Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

I’m a huge fan of these kinds of games as I love collecting each toy to help unlock characters, items, and vehicles.

Based on a lot of the videos I have watched, this game looks like No Man’s Sky in terms of interplanetary travel and exploration, but this has beautiful elements and characters that I feel will make it a bigger hit.

And if you’re using a Nintendo Switch you get exclusive access to play as Fox McCloud, who is ready to be more than just an iconic Smash Brothers character.

As most gaymers are probably well aware, Fallout is a huge game that always flies off the shelf, and it’s currently gearing to launch a complete multiplayer world.

The graphics look incredible and I can already picture my mates and I losing plenty of hours emerging from our vaults and into the game’s beautiful wasteland.

A smaller indie game that’s worth a shout out is Bendy and the Ink Machine. This game will be available on consoles for the very first time, having previously only been available on Steam.

The game was an accidental hit that drew fans in with its horror and Mickey Mouse art style, set in a sandbox-style game where you need to solve the mystery in a cartoon studio.

Now, who remembers playing Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 and having endless hours of fun with siblings (or in my case, endless fighting)?

This month the Nintendo Switch will receive its first entry into the legacy that is Super Mario Party.

There are 80 new mini games, new group modes that allow you to face the challenge as a team with your fellow players, and a new Toad mode that allows you to uniquely play with more than one Switch.

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