Hey Gaymers!: Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem, Crash Team Racing

Hey Gaymers!: Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem, Crash Team Racing
Image: Kingdom Hearts 3.

Happy new year!

Boy, it looks like 2019 has a stellar line-up of games for us already so let’s dish on some of the upcoming titles and grab the gun oil to loosen our wallets for a brutal pounding.

A game that has dedicated fans drooling is the third and final chapter in the Kingdom Hearts trilogy, a title we have been waiting well over a decade for, and it launches on January 29.

The game trailers popping up show us that the time we waited was probably worth it with incredible graphics, characters, and plot set to melt any Disney fan’s heart.

It’s quite a hard game to explain, as I feel this is one of the most comprehensive storylines of any game I have ever played; you play as original character Sora, Goofy, and Donald, and set out to defeat heartless villains from taking over the universe.

If you love Disney movies you will love this epic chapter.

Coming mid to late February is a highly anticipated, original online multiplayer game called Anthem.

Reading about the lore of Anthem sounds so interesting in that the game’s world was left unfinished by the Gods and has remained as cruel as ever.

Team up with three of your gaymer pals to explore an ever-changing world that looks visually stunning and pilot exo-suits called javelins to face the many dangers planted ahead.

There are four types to harness, build, and upgrade as you face this new world and I am betting my coin on this being a huge hit.

Last on my highly anticipated list for 2019 is a remastered game coming out in June that I spent countless hours growing up playing: Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled.

Just announced at the Game Awards, long-time PS1 fans were losing their minds over the stunning trailer that featured our bandicoot and friends racing on familiar tracks, shooting dangerous weapons, and completely shredding it.

This game will be on all platforms, but I will likely snatch it up on the Nintendo Switch as I stan a good Nintendo game.

Expect a fabulous year of games. I look forward to the ride with all my fellow gaymers.

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