Seven Times LGBT Rights Were Advanced Around The World In 2022

Seven Times LGBT Rights Were Advanced Around The World In 2022
Image: Photo: William Fonteneau/Unsplash

While 2022 saw the rise in anti-LGBTQI rhetoric, the community also gained key rights across the globe. And while there’s still plenty more work to be done, the victories gained due to the diligent work from activists and pro-LGBTQI politicians should still be celebrated.

In no particular order, here are some of the historic victories for the community across the globe during 2022:

Scottish Parliament Passes ‘Historic’ Gender Reform Bill

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Towards the end of 2022, Scotland became the first country in the UK to approve gender self-identification plans which will allow 16 and 17-year-olds an easier time to legally change their gender for the first time.

New Zealand Parliament Votes To Ban ‘Conversion Therapy’

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Near the beginning of 2022, New Zealand voted to protect LGBTQ youths from ‘conversion therapy’ in an almost unanimous vote. According to Reuters, the Bill, which was introduced back in 2021, received over 107,000 submissions.

As reported by the New Zealand Herald, it is now an offence “perform conversion practices on a child or young person aged under 18, or on someone with impaired decision-making capacity. Such offences would be subject to up to three years’ imprisonment, and up to five years where it has caused serious harm, irrespective of age.”

Ireland Voted To Ensure Trans People Are A Protected Class

Photo: William Murphy/Wikimedia Commons

October saw the Irish Cabinet vote in favour of a bill that sees anyone convicted of purposely inciting hatred or violence against a person due to their gender expression or identity face up to five years of jail time.

Singapore Decriminalises Homosexuality

Photo: Pink Dot Singapore

In August, Singapore repealed section 377A of its penal code and decriminalised sex between men. However, despite this positive step in the right direction, the country’s prime minister Lee Hsien said this victory closed the door to other LGBTQ law reforms.

“I believe (repeal) is the right thing to do, and something that most Singaporeans will now accept. This will bring the law into line with current social mores, and I hope, provide some relief to gay Singaporeans,” PM Lee said.

Greece Removes Ban On Queer Men Donating Blood

Images: Tim Bieler/ Ana-Maria Nichita on Unsplash

In January, Greece lifted its decades-long ban on queer men donating blood. The ministerial decree, which was signed by Health Minister Thanos Plevris and Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga, requires prospective blood donors to fill in a form.

The new document no longer has a prohibition on gay and bisexual men donating blood due to having same-sex sexual relations.

Same-Sex Marriages Performed In Other Countries Are Legally Recognised In Poland

Warsaw Pride 2022. Photo: Franek Vetulani/Facebook.

In November, the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland ruled that Polish citizens in same-sex relationships who were married in other countries could have their union recognised.

Zimbabwe Decriminalised HIV Transmission

Photo: Izzytee/Wikimedia Commons

Zimbabwe officially decriminalised the transmission of HIV. A legal assessment conducted by Zimbabwe back in 2019 saw that criminalising the transmission of HIV caused barriers to health care due to the stigma created. It also became the first African nation to approve the use of a drug for HIV prevention.

Here’s to hoping for more key victories for the community in 2023!

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