A New Development Plan For Taylor Square’s T2 Building Is Up For Community Comments

A New Development Plan For Taylor Square’s T2 Building Is Up For Community Comments
Image: Artist Render of T2 Building Proposed Works. Image: David Mitchell Architects

A Development Application for Taylor Square’s T2 Building is currently being assessed by the City of Sydney Council and is now up for community exhibition.

The proposal, estimated to cost $5,472,000, adds “a new three-storey plus rooftop addition” to the historical structure, including a publicly accessible rooftop restaurant and bar.

According to the designers, the concept for the addition was “inspired by the layering of volumes like the pebble stack.”

David Mitchell Architects

The works include, “demolition of all internal walls and existing steel columns on all existing levels” along with the “removal of the first floor and ground floor ceiling to facilitate the addition of a new concrete structure to support additional levels above.”

In keeping with the Oxford Street Creative and Cultural Precinct Plan, the designers state that about 13.8% of floor space will be used for live entertainment on the basement levels.

The exhibition period ends on April 14.

David Mitchell Architects

For years, Oxford Street has been plagued by high vacancies and aggressive vehicle traffic.

The Oxford Street Creative and Cultural Precinct Plan, announced in October 2021, allows property developers to increase floor space and building height along Oxford Street if they dedicate at least 10% to cultural and creative purposes. 

Map showing boundaries of the Oxford Street creative and cultural precinct in Sydney

In October 2022, the Oxford Street LGBTIQA+ Social and Cultural Place Strategy was announced. 

Under the Strategy, the City has released a framework to recognise the importance of Oxford Street to the LGBTQI community. It will also identify places of LGBTQI significance while strengthening the street’s LGBTQI cultural identity.

The framework includes protections for LGBTQI heritage items, highlighting LGBTQI history and culture, more LGBTQI artwork and rainbow crossings, protections for sex on premises venues, and incentives for LGBTQI employment and inclusion as well as the much talked about Qtopia museum.

In November it was announced that the construction of a 1.7 km long separated cycleway on Oxford Street will begin in 2023. The cycleway will run down the north side of Oxford Street, from Taylor Square to Hyde Park, as well as part of Liverpool Street, connecting to the cycleway in the city centre.

The T2 Building was built in 1910 to act as the Government Savings Bank of New South Wales. Since then, it has been a bank, nightclubs, and commercial office space.

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7 responses to “A New Development Plan For Taylor Square’s T2 Building Is Up For Community Comments”

  1. This is fantastic, looks very appealing and T2’s revitalisation is much needed. I’m a resident living a few streets away and plan to add my support to this development.

  2. The building should have been given by the council for the Qtopia museum years ago, instead of selling it to private developers.
    People may not be aware but Taylor Square’s grassy triangle represents the former grassy traffic island with palms locally known as Gillian’s Island. And that many gay men who died from AIDS ashes were scatted on Gillian’s Island.
    The council hasn’t recognized the community. They sell off assets to private developer. It’s all spin!!!!!!!

  3. I think it’s a great idea. Keeping the original outside while updating the interior and adding to the top maximises the space. This would become a space which can be used by the community compared to just being something we all walk past.

  4. Hideous destruction of heritage building. Can we please try and preserve at least something from the past. Give it a lick of paint and leave it. European cities preserve their history…

  5. Did three Star Ship Enterprises (From Star Trek) just land on top of a beautiful building?

  6. vile. it looks like a bad case of constipation.

    destruction of heritage.

    plus it’s been deserted for (10??) years – so how are the new piles going to un-desert it ?

  7. My first impression is that of a pile of dirty pizza plates beside a stack of take- away containers,.
    My second impression wasn’t much better, you heritage building vultures.