ACL backs gay Nazi claim

ACL backs gay Nazi claim

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has joined Loree Rudd, the sister of former PM Kevin Rudd, in accusing supporters of marriage equality of using Nazi tactics in campaigning for equal rights.

The ACL came to the defence of Rudd after she accused same-sex marriage advocates of being a “Gestapo” – the Nazis’ secret police – in an interview with The Australian newspaper last week.

Rudd claimed there was a worldwide gay network that “fed propaganda” for marriage equality to politicians.

“I call them the global gay Gestapo — it is the lobbying movement that is brainwashing people, particularly the young in the community that this [homosexuality] is an optional extra in life,” she said.

ACL managing director Jim Wallace continued the theme today, suggesting that supporters of marriage equality needed to learn the lessons of Nazi Germany.

“I suggest Loree Rudd’s opponents visit the museum in Nuremberg and see how important it is that these deplorable tactics be opposed,” Wallace said, referring to Nuremberg’s Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds museum, which is dedicated to examining “the causes, the context and the consequences of the National Socialist reign of terror.”

Rudd’s comments offended Holocaust survivor and marriage equality supporter Frderick Weisinger.

“I spent three years in a concentration camp as a child, and I am horrified by this comparison between the Gestapo and ordinary citizens like me who just want to be treated equally,” he said. “Before she makes such offensive comments, Ms Rudd should read about the horrors perpetrated by the Gestapo, particularly how it hounded, persecuted and killed homosexuals in large numbers.”

Jewish campaigners for marriage equality said Rudd and Wallace’s comments showed their ignorance.

“Loree Rudd’s comments betray her unforgivable ignorance of Nazism and her loathing and lack of empathy for the GLBT community as well as for the victims of the Nazis'” said Jewish Community supporting Marriage Equality (J4ME) founder Roy Freeman.

Freeman added that claims by the ACL that the marriage equality lobbyists used the same tactics of “fear and intimidation to silence dissent” as the Nazis did were “offensive and obviously untrue.”

“This kind of language is unacceptable in 21st century Australia. Those who glibly throw around such comparisons diminish the crimes committed by the Nazis and attempt to demonise the GLBT community.”

“J4ME, the Jewish Community supporting Marriage Equality, calls upon Loree Rudd and the ACL to apologise for their comments which have offended both the GLBT community and the Holocaust-survivor community.”

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Chief Executive Officer Vic Alhadeff condemned the use of Nazi analogies to condemn marriage equality advocates.

“Drawing a comparison between advocates of gay marriage and the Gestapo is insensitive and counterproductive,” Alhadeff said. “The thoughtless use of Nazi and Holocaust analogies in intelligent and informed discourse is completely inappropriate and unjustified.”

The Nazi regime murdered tens of thousands of homosexuals through forced labour and in death camps, forcing them to wear pink triangles on their uniforms.

Wallace also decried the use of the term “gay hate groups” by this newspaper to describe the ACL and groups rallying in Canberra next month to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the banning of same-sex marriage in Australia.

Wallace, who said he may speak at the event, was caught on camera in 2009 making the claim that gay men were overwhelmingly to blame for child sexual abuse in churches and schools, while earlier this year he used an Anzac day tweet to lash out at Australia’s gay and Muslim communities.

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25 responses to “ACL backs gay Nazi claim”

  1. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    ― Adolf Hitler
    Sounds like a tactic embraced by Jim Wallace and just about every other nut job in opposition.

  2. Thou Shall Not Ignore the Old Testament!”

    New Testament Verses Which Demand Following the Old Testament

    1) “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV) Clearly the Old Testament is to be abided by until the end of human existence itself. None other then Jesus said so.

    2) All of the vicious Old Testament laws will be binding forever. “It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for the smallest part of the letter of the law to become invalid.” (Luke 16:17 NAB)

    3) Jesus strongly approves of the law and the prophets. He hasn’t the slightest objection to the cruelties of the Old Testament. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.” (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

    3b) “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness…” (2 Timothy 3:16 NAB)

    3c) “Know this first of all, that there is no prophecy of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation, for no prophecy ever came through human will; but rather human beings moved by the holy Spirit spoke under the influence of God.” (2 Peter 20-21 NAB)

    4) Jesus criticizes the Jews for not killing their disobedient children according to Old Testament law. Mark.7:9-13 “Whoever curses father or mother shall die” (Mark 7:10 NAB)

    5) Jesus is criticized by the Pharisees for not washing his hands before eating. He defends himself by attacking them for not killing disobedient children according to the commandment: “He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.” (Matthew 15:4-7)

    6) Jesus has a punishment even worse than his father concerning adultery: God said the act of adultery was punishable by death. Jesus says looking with lust is the same thing and you should gouge your eye out, better a part, than the whole. The punishment under Jesus is an eternity in Hell. (Matthew 5:27)

    7) Peter says that all slaves should “be subject to [their] masters with all fear,” to the bad and cruel as well as the “good and gentle.” This is merely an echo of the same slavery commands in the Old Testament. 1 Peter 2:18

    8) “Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law” (John7:19) and “For the law was given by Moses,…” (John 1:17).

    9) “…the scripture cannot be broken.” –Jesus Christ, John 10:35

  3. Notice how these vile bigots project their own despicable behaviours and traits onto the people they so desperately are trying to demonise? Nazis? I know who really appears to be a bunch of Nazis, and it aint the gays thats for sure.

  4. In most instances when a person uses a reference to Nazi ideology, it’s speaks fathoms about the person doing the talking. Why stoop to the inappropriate and completely un-educated level of comparing homosexuals to nazi ‘s? Because the comparison is generally being made by a divisionist sensationalist moron.

    Loree Rude, here is some advise, do some research and then think before you open your mouth next time. You should be ashamed of your comments, they have no place in intelligent, informed discussion.

  5. The ACL’s facebook page is infested with straight-out ‘white power’ racists; and they’ve got the history of Wallace’s ridiculous claims about muslims. I guess that this is an attempt to deflect the public from the way that they’re “in bed” with other forces of hate – as these people always are – but they can only play the victim for so long, it ain’t gonna work.

  6. believe in equality or not, does not matter hear. opinions do not matter either. this is quite simple. people who THINK like this are simply spitefull and hatefull and may be they should read any and all the religious books, from all over the world because i guess not a single one preaches, be spitefull & hatefull to thy neighbour? sorry, some one tell me if im wrong?

  7. Meanwhile, back in the REAL WORLD, breeders are still making the news on a daily basis for the most disguting crimes. Clean up your own back yards before you point your dirty fingers at gay people. Trash.

  8. ACL backs gay Nazi claim | Star Online…

    […]I reach my conclusions and opinions by using my intellect not dogma. When I was growing up it was �normal� to be sexist, rascist, and homophobic. Some of us have grown up, used our brains and moved on. …[…]…

  9. As a sinful divorcee she will go to hell. She must repent now, go back to her husband and obey him as the Bible demands. Otherwise see you in hell sister.

  10. McManly and Richard, thanks for the “take heart” platitudes, but I’d prefer you write these kind of letters to your federal members. With respect, your “it will come in time” attitude is borne of no pressing need, and has the chill of an ivory tower.

  11. I call upon the Australian Christian Lobby to stop their constant attack on Christianity.

    Across Australia, across the vast desert, in the small towns, in the big cities, there is a chorus of Christians singing for our rights, yearning for us to be a free people.

    The Great Uniting Church, the third largest church in Australia, is leading, travelling around Australia from school to school, running anti-homophobic programs. Even in the great Catholic Churches there is a stir. In a scathing open letter to the Pope and Australian bishops sent to parishes across the country, Catholics for Renewal says that the church no longer adequately inspires many of its communities. They are demanding the Church listens, and changes its antiquated teachings on sexuality. Sydney’s Pitt Street Uniting Church has declared homophobia to be sinful. At the Rudd 20/20 Summit an Anglican Priest argued for us to have equality in Marriage, and 99% of people agreed. My friend recently received a letter from her Baptist Church talking about equality, and the great injustices that have occurred against us. I see congregation after congregation reaching out. Anglican Bishop John McIntyre is travelling across Australia to the tiny towns, and giving a message of equality to the flock, and those who wish to hear it.

    Our media is often drowned by tiny cults such as the Australian Christian Lobby. We seldom here about all the good work that is going on. Millions of Christians even support Same-Sex Marriage, as they tell us in poll after poll, and we are told the majority of Australians are Christian.

    Many Christians are reaching out to us, trying to help us, trying to give us a fair go. The Psychiatrist associations have said for years after study after study that our sexuality is as natural as our eye colour. Someone does not wake-up and suddenly become gay or straight. And scientist can genetically clone lesbian mice and gay fruit flies. All this let alone the observations in nature, there are even gay Octopuses let alone swans, and dolphins and monkeys and apes.

    We are so good at parenting that the Anglican Church and some other Churches advertise for us to foster difficult children. In nature I see birds such as gay swans get together with the opposite sex, and have the young. I see these Dolphins also. There are many species that do this.

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu said.
    “To penalize someone because of their sexual orientation is like what used to happen to us; to be penalized for something which we could do nothing (about) — our ethnicity, our race. I would find it quite unacceptable to condemn, persecute a minority that has already been persecuted.”

    A tiny amount of fundamentalist write here from time to time, they defend those that kill us, they write we should have no rights, and they defend those that carry out acts of deep hate against us. We are told the Kingdom of Heaven is filled with love, and if this is so, clearly these fundamentalist will have no place in it.

    I am not Christian, but I have know many great Christian people, and I greatly respect them. The same fundamentalist who attack us attack them, in their constant abuse that you can only follow their version of Christianity. Yet the truth is, people follow their heart, and we see that millions of Christians are calling on us to be free.

  12. Wake up guys
    Rudd may b planing a cum back
    an using his whako sis as a stooge 2 stir the turd with ‘ol Jimbo and the krazies at ACL b/c

    1) He get lotsa publicity with a ‘christian’ base

    2)He gets to polish his churchy credentials with his pals at ACL

    3)Brand name Rudd gets the defence of ACL (don’t matter if its Sis or Kev)

    4)Sis’s article is n The Australian(Rupert may b planning n ALP leadership change)that should tell u something even though Sis has the intelligence of a pea.

  13. Wake up guys
    Rudd may b planing a cum back
    an using his whako sis as a stooge 2 stir the turd with ‘ol Jimbo and the krazies at ACL b/c

    1) He get lotsa publicity with a ‘christian’ base

    2)He gets to polish his churchy credentials with his pals at ACL

    3)Brand name Rudd gets the defence of ACL (don’t matter if its Sis or Kev)

    4)Sis’s article is n The Australian(Rupert may b planning n ALP leadership change)that should tell u something even though Sis has the intelligence of a pea.

  14. I am a 62 year old “straight” man. I reach my conclusions and opinions by using my intellect not dogma. When I was growing up it was “normal” to be sexist, rascist, and homophobic. Some of us have grown up, used our brains and moved on. Equality for all is the only way for us to grow as an intelligent species. My 2 oldish teenagers are growing up not concerned one way or the other if their freinds are black, gay, or female, and I love them for it, just as I would love them if they were gay. Crawl back in your caves, you smug selfcentred moralists and let people love as they wish!

  15. People, I am elderly and very, very, straight. Ignore these idiots, they are but the posturing high points of an iceberg sculpted from the dregs of a cess-pit.

    Er, sorry, what I meant to say: I have spent a lifetime looking at the foamings of bigots and there is only one constant: they die off faster than they can generate replacements. Courage, mes braves, a brighter day will come!

    Umm, I WAS serious about being straight. I also prefer merlot, but strange as it sounds, I don’t feel the need to make others drink it as well. My preferences are mine, yours are yours. Next problem?

  16. If this is the case why did Hitler and the Nazis promote a Christian nationalism, anti-communism, anti-Semitism, and return to traditional values which most Christians appreciated. The Nazi party platform specifically endorsed ‘positive’ Christianity.

    If this is also the case, why then did over 6 million die, due to hate.

    Bring up these types of comments it seems, into the public arena is nothing less than a diminishing of christian faith at large. It seems the leaders in these type Christian units are not finding the necessary tools at hand, other then for this example, by making comparisons of our community to those of a insane man and party (nazi’s).

    Yes these comments give those who say it, Rudd, the promotion or “propaganda” they need.

    Would a god of purity, love, honor and respect allow anyone with a single hint of hate in their veins into his kingdom of good and love?

    I say this to you Rudd, look at yourself in the mirror. Find a imperfection on your weathered face you can’t change. Turn that imperfection in to a hatred. What would you do then? I am sure you will not show your face in public again.

    The difference with the GLBT community is we go out in public, against all storms of hatred. We can’t change ourselves and we are not perfect as well, however we accept who we are as people, even after this type of ugly comment.

  17. This blatant ignorance is getting really old. Why all the fear? I am appalled that people are so terrified of “catching” homosexuality that they try to incite hatred by comparing people they clearly don’t know to nazis. It’s just revolting. I hope that Kevin Rudd distances himself from his ignorant and fear mongering sister. What a horrible sort of woman. I wholly support marriage equality, I just wish Australia would get on with it and stop discriminating against a large number of our population.

  18. […] ACL backs gay Nazi claim | Star Online. Share this:EmailPrintFacebook This entry was posted in GLBT, Human Rights, Jewish and tagged ACL, Gestapo, GLBT, J4ME, Jim Wallace, Loree Rudd, Nazi, NSWJBD, Star Observer, Vic Alhadeff. Bookmark the permalink. ← Jewish Gays denounce Loree Rudd’s Nazi inferences | J-Wire […]

  19. This continues to make me ashamed. To think that in the 21st century we are still arguing about what a person is supposed to feel about another. Who has the right to dictate to another what they should feel in their hearts? What a person does in their private life is exactly that private. I fail to see how allowing lgbt couples the chance to affirm their love for each other will somehow contribute to the downfall of civilisation. As long as someone is happy and not harming an innocent what the hell is wrong with same sex couples? A case of methinks the homophobe doth protest too much?

  20. I can see why so many Christians are constantly outraged with this tiny cult. They could not even fill a mini-van. What next, will they ask their followers to suicide?

  21. What I find sad is that Ms Rudd thinks that the homosexual life is so attractive that kids will do this ‘optional extra’. Is heterosexuality so unattractive that they can be brainwashed into homosexuality? I don’t know maybe it is? But hey, show some christianity here, please, do unto others, etc.

  22. Actually, Jim, I think one could make a case that it is in fact ordained and lay religious leaders who are responsible for the majority of child sexual abuse in churches and schools. Oh….hang on a minute….Are you suggesting that if boys are assaulted by men that the abusers are therefore gay and therefore not Christian? Is this how you managed to take them out of your bucket and add them to your ‘gay abusers’ stats?

    What a dishonest and dispicable man you are, Jim Wallace.

  23. I just went to the ACL website and there is some wacky stuff on there… They really have rocks in their heads, read the paragraph below.

    ‘I sometimes think that some members of the homosexual community are playing a game of “Let’s Pretend” – “Let’s pretend we’re heterosexual”: Heterosexual couples have children, so let’s get ourselves a baby. Heterosexual couples get married, so let’s get ourselves married. This seems to me to be at one level a denial of one’s homosexuality, of what makes homosexuality unique. Freedom is not the ability to become like other people, freedom is the ability to become more fully yourself! Isn’t this what “Gay Pride” means. There is no pride in making believe you are just like everyone else’