Australia’s national broadcaster ABC’s ground-breaking series You Can’t Ask That, now in it’s seventh hilarious, awkward, embarrassing and poignant season, includes an episode in it’s latest entitled – ‘You Can’t Ask That – Gay Men’. The show provides all the above listed emotions and plenty more to boot.

Including such hard hitting questions like “Have You Ever Turned a Straight Guy”, “Darling What’s the Deal with the Voice?” and “Were you a Fruity Kid?”

At first it makes you wonder where they come up with these questions (the internet, that explains it). And then you think back and realise that you yourself have probably answered some pretty ridiculous questions from curious straight friends in your time. You realise these seemingly frivolous (to us) questions are obviously what members outside the LGBTQI community ponder!

The legend that is Barry Charles, AKA Troughman was included on the panel, as covered by the Star Observer last week and it’s truly a delight to witness Liam, the younger fella sitting next to him comprehend with dawning realisation that he was sitting next to a living legend, who he’s heard of! “I can’t believe you’re real!”

Sydney’s Legendary Gay Veteran ‘Troughman’ Streams Onto ABC Iview’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’

‘You Can’t Ask That – Gay Men’ Edition

All of the contributors, gay men of many ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, called out the silliness of some of the questions, the one asking if they’d ever turned a straight guy especially was ridiculed for the stereotypical trope of the predatory gay men looking to steal all the husbands it hinted at!

While the reality, as pointed out by a few of the interviewees, is that straight men, for various reasons can be pretty unattractive and the ones who do stray over to the other side probably aren’t so much straight or heterosexual as questioning and curious, which sometimes just ends in tears!



As discovered by Jem who shared this nugget of awkwardness gold.

“So I was having sex with this guy and this guy fully starts crying and I’m like, oh my god and I’m like “are you ok”? As I’m still attached to this man, I’m like, ”are you ok” and he’s like ”yep, I’m all right, I’m all right” and then POP, (makes that popping sound with his mouth) you can hear that sound and then I just sat down with my lubey ass and I’m just like, ”what’s wrong” (laughing) and he’s just like, “ooh, I finally did it, I finally had sex with a guy and it’s everything I ever…”. And I’m like, “I just wanna be fucked”, it was like this full boner killer and I’m like, “Did you want some water, do you want a paracetamol?” That was the worst, probably”.

‘They’ve Always Wanted To’

Josh Lavery and Theodoros in ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That – Gay Men’.

Liam shared his musings on the subject too, saying “I have had some experiences with straight guys, have I turned one? I don’t think I’ve turned anyone, I think they’ve always wanted to or always have been, it’s just like, maybe I was the first.”

Theo capped off that question with an answer we all know to be true, deep down in our waters, “They know we know how to suck dick good, that’s why they come to us.” 

And you really can’t argue with that.

You Can’t Ask That is available to stream on the ABC iview app, with one episode per season dedicated to queer stories including Trans (Season 1 Episode 3), Children of Same Sex Parents, (Season 2 Episode 4), Drag (Season 3 Episode7), Intersex (Season 4 Episode 3), HIV Positive (Season 5 Episode 5), Lesbians (Season 6 Episode 6) and Gay Men (Season 7 Episode 3).


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