COVID-19: Here’s how you can support LGBTQI+ non-profits

COVID-19: Here’s how you can support LGBTQI+ non-profits

The global crisis related to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has been tough on LGBTQI+ organisations in Australia and across the world. Some have had to cancel fundraising events that would have sustained them for a year, even while continuing to provide services to vulnerable populations. Last month a group had warned US public health officials that the LGBTQI+ communities face heightened vulnerability to coronavirus.

We looked around and found five worthy causes that are presently raising funds to help LGBTQI+ people in Australia and across the world:

Minus 18

Australia’s largest youth-led organisation for LGBTQI+ youth, Minus 18 turned 21 this year but had to cancel their birthday fundraising gala scheduled for May 2020. “Cancelling our 2020 fundraising gala is a huge blow to our entire year’s budget,” the organisation said in a post on social media. “Your support will help ease the impact of COVID-19 on our organisation, and ensure we can keep the lights on, and continue supporting LGBTQIA+ youth online,” they added.

You can donate here.

Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers In Australia

Scarlet Alliance has launched a campaign to help sex workers in Australia by setting up an ongoing fund. The money donated will directly go to sex workers in need. “Loss of income has directly impacted on sex workers’ ability to maintain housing, buy food and basic items, support their dependents, and access healthcare and prescriptions,” the campaign said.

To donate, click here.

Support gender services of Royal Children’s Hospital

Transgender and gender diverse children are some of the most vulnerable in our communities. The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Gender Service “provides medical and mental health services and support for transgender children, adolescents and their families.”

You can donate or help crowdfunding efforts of transgender children and their families, here.

The SGLBA Education Fund

When we emerge from the present crisis, there will be many LGBTQI persons who have lost jobs or education opportunities. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association has an education fund that “provides a financial grant to LGBTIQ individuals for the purpose of undertaking a course of study in a business or a commerce-related discipline.” According to the SGLBA website, the application for the fund opened in April 2020.

For further information on how you can contribute or corporate sponsorship, click here.

COVID-19 LGBTQI Global Solidarity Fund

Award-winning UK-based charity GiveOut has launched a new emergency fund ” to help ensure that LGBTQI organisations around the world have the resources they need to support their communities in the face of the unfolding COVID-19 crisis.” The fund has already raised over £ 8,000.

To donate to this international charity, click here.

For a link of LGBTQI+ organisations in Australia, please visit LGBT community services and organisations.

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