By Paul Perdy

Sydney summers tend to bring out the socialite in us. If we’re not working, we’re partying with friends or at the beach. We fill our calendars with social events and gym workouts in preparation for the warmer weather.
Here’s 10 hints to help you lose that extra layer of fat that magically appeared during winter and get your body ready for the warmer weather.

1. Get a plan
Incorporate nutrition, exercise, leisure and work. Make time for everything in your life and be realistic. Make small changes to your current routine that are achievable. Baby steps to success.

2. Refresh your routine
Variety is the spice of life. If you’re a regular exerciser and you’re working out in the gym, ask a trainer for a new program to shock your body into fitness. Your body will show results with a new training plan. Find out what services your gym has (group fitness classes, personal training, weights, etc) and try something different.

3. For beginners
If you are just starting to exercise, take it easy. The biggest blunder people make is starting out with guns blazing, pushing themselves so hard they cannot walk or move for a week. Start slow and build your intensity over a period of time. You’re more likely to keep yourself motivated if you can get through a workout and move the next day. But in saying that, you should be a little sore the next day. If you’re not, up the intensity a little more. Gym, walk, run, dance, swim, ride or climb your way to a new you.

4. Eat regularly
If you are starving yourself of food in an effort to lose fat… STOP! Depriving your body of good food is not the way to lose fat or build muscle. This plays havoc with your blood sugar levels and places you in ‘famine’ mode which makes it very difficult to burn fat. Three meals a day with a snack in between is best. With lots of water.

5. Shop with a list
Plan what you will eat and buy what you need. Fill your fridge and pantry with only healthy options including snacks. If you want that junk food bad enough, make yourself have to get up off the couch and out of your house to get it. Filling your pantry with junk food is setting yourself up for failure.

6. Food choices
The more natural the food, the more energy your body uses to break it down, the healthier it is for you and the less hungry you will feel.

7. Lose that belly
You may want to lose those love handles or get rid of the gut but doing 200 sit-ups alone won’t do it. A balance between weight-bearing exercise and cardio activity along with your fat-reduced diet will get you there. We want some abdominal work, as the core keeps our back and torso strong.

8. Change is the answer
Even if it’s ever so slightly. Pills, shakes and miracle machines are not going to do it. If there was a magic way, it would have made the 6 o’clock news. Move it to lose it. Accepting this is fundamental to your success.

9. Expect to deviate
Having a chocolate bar or hamburger doesn’t mean you have to dump the exercise and forget about the whole plan and start again next year or next month. You could be back on track the very next meal or day. Maybe even work out a little longer or harder to catch up. We are only human — cheating a little doesn’t have to signify anything. Just jump back on the wagon.

10. Water
Drink a large glass of water before every meal. This is a great way to partially fill you up and prevent you from overeating.
These few changes will help you get ready to hit the beach and parties by the time summer is here — with more energy, more confidence, and slimmer.

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