Bridal shop shuts down to avoid selling wedding dresses to lesbians

Bridal shop shuts down to avoid selling wedding dresses to lesbians

A US bridal shop has shut down rather than sell dresses to same-sex couples.

W.W Bridal in Pennsylvania is closing for business after the state introduced laws to protect LGBTI people from religious discrimination, Pink News has reported.

The Christian business has been in hot water before for refusing to serve a lesbian couple, and now fear they will face legal consequences for discrimination.

“I guess what would happen is that a customer would come in and once we deny them, they would sue us,” said co-owner Lisa Boucher.

Boucher suggested couples might even lie about having been denied service.

“They will even say that they have been here and lie about the fact that they have been here when we have no record of them even being here,” she said.

“They don’t just say, ‘They’re bigots!’ They will do it in a way that makes it look like they have been here and we have denied them or were rude to them or whatever.

“It’s kind of hard to promote a business when you are being attacked.”

The owners have no plans at this stage for their future business.

“We are closing and this is our livelihood,” said Boucher.

“At this point, we don’t have any plans of what to do in the future.

“We are kind of just resting on God’s word and hoping that he is going to pull us through it and open some sort of doors.

“I am sure he has blessings and will take us to wherever he wants us to serve, whether it be in our church or volunteer locally.”

In Australia, the introduction of marriage equality has been followed with debate over whether businesses should be able to refuse service to LGBTI people on religious grounds.

A review into religious freedom, headed by Philip Ruddock, is set to report to parliament this month.

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2 responses to “Bridal shop shuts down to avoid selling wedding dresses to lesbians”

  1. These pratts are their own worst enemy. If such ‘Christians’ were *real* Christians, then they would do what Jesus did, and be *inclusive* of *all* people. Twits!
    When this argument came up from homophobic shop-owners in Australia; for example: from cake-shop owners, before ir came in ‘issue’, I have no doubt that they would have sold sausage rolls and pies to gay and lesbian couples.