Polish couple hand out rainbow masks to fight country’s LGBTQI-free zones

Polish couple hand out rainbow masks to fight country’s LGBTQI-free zones
Image: Jakub and David hand out rainbow masks in Poland.

A Polish couple have given away hundreds of rainbow masks on the streets of their home country in an effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic and to show solidarity to the community, despite unsettling homophobia which has seen the historically conservative nation implement a third of it ‘LGBTQ-free’.

Jakub and David (@jakubidawid) wandered the tri-city towns of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot on the coast of Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea on a mission to remove stigma of homosexuality after 30 LGBTQ-free zones were declared around Poland in August 2019.

“Many LGBT-free zones were created in our country so we were a bit afraid how people would react but they were really touched by our idea. I think they really appreciated that someone cared about their health. It was great to see that the rainbow didn’t scare people but will help them stay safe”, says Jakub.

“Many Polish people call us a plague, so we thought if we help people overcome real plague, they might change their minds. I know it’s naive, but if we can do something good then why not?”

The couple even borrowed a sewing machine from one of their grandmothers to sew the masks to give them away for free.

“Our masks are unique because they are rainbow! A tailor friend supported the idea, so 300 pieces were sewn with which we took to the streets of the city,” says David.

Check out the heartwarming video below.




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2 responses to “Polish couple hand out rainbow masks to fight country’s LGBTQI-free zones”

  1. Until Poland ushers in an Irish Style investigation into clerical paedophile behaviour within the Roman Catholic, other Christian Churches and Religions in that country then Poland will remain officially vehemently and viciously anti-LGBTIQ+.
    Until Holy Catholic Ireland started to seriously address Child Sex Abuse at all levels of Irish Society, started to listen and take seriously the stream of complaints, Ireland remained even more anti-GLBTIQ+ than Poland.
    All it takes is a bit of guts and a realisation by the People that their Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples etc. are up to their filthy necks in the Crimes of Covering-up the Criminal behaviour of so many of their archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Brothers, Pastors etc.
    It took Ireland many decades but it got there in the end and today Ireland is Freed from the Dictatorship of, in particular, the Roman Catholic Church