Ugandan tabloid claims gay conspiracy

Ugandan tabloid claims gay conspiracy

A Ugandan tabloid has called for homosexuals to be hanged, claiming that gays and lesbians are aiming to “recruit” a million children to homosexuality in the country by 2012 in an international conspiracy.

In a story titled, ‘Hang Them; They Are After Our Kids!! Pictures of Uganda’s Top Homos Leak’, The Rolling Stone newspaper claims, “gays are after young kids, who are easily brainwashed towards bisexual orientation [sic]”.

The newspaper then quotes a “top lesbian” at a “gay meeting” as saying, “we are targeting those below 12 years old as they are easy to pursuade [sic] to join gay groups”.

With the story the newspaper published close to 100 photos of Ugandans it says are gay, mirroring tactics used by other Ugandan tabloids in the past.

In the article an unnamed Ugandan church leader calls for homosexuals to be executed to protect Ugandans’ way of life.

“Unless government takes a bold step by hanging dozens of homosexuals, the vice will continue eating up the moral fibre and culture of our great nation.

“Unless a strong action is taken, the country will soon go to the dogs.”

The newspaper also claims that Ugandan gays with “shattered flesh” from a mystery disease are being spirited out of the country by the United States and Britain to avoid scrutiny.

Politicians and church leaders in Uganda have for years claimed there is an international conspiracy by the United Nations  and Western governments to convert Ugandans to homosexuality, with the allegation that billions of dollars are being secretly channelled to Ugandan gay groups to pay them to seduce children.

The newspaper repeats the lie.

“They usually gather at this place on Friday for meetings and recruitment. It’s here that they assess the performance of their recruitment drives and initiate new members,”  the article said.

“They are promised jobs in gay organisations, education sponsorships abroad, monthly allowances and connections to rich gays residing in United States [sic], Norway, Canada and United Kingdom [sic].

“New members are also provided with gay [pornography], a list of gay websites and telephone numbers of representatives of gay organisations.

“An insider said the organisations receive billions which is now being used to eat into the moral fabric of kids.”

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8 responses to “Ugandan tabloid claims gay conspiracy”

  1. Are these the stupid Christian Ugandans who worship a god that murdered an entire city of toddlers becasue their parents didn’t smear lamb’s blood on their doors? (See Passover)

  2. ”this homosexual colonialism originates in usa canada…”
    I would prefer that you say ”these freedom of speech demonstrations(openly talking about differences) have been initiated by people originating from free countries where them and other extremists can express their ideas”

    You wanna talk about hugo chavez? No you dont. I do not even mind that some people are concerned about the influence of organized pro-gay groups, but I think it’s the ”hang them” part and over-paranoiac/fear of homosexuality that is shocking people all over the world. Now just stop your nonsense about ”new colonialism” you’re making a fool of yourself.

  3. this homosexual colonialism originates in usa canada & western euro nations it is well financed as a colonialist actviity– in the usa by people like George Soros & Barbara Streisnd etc observe how the usa sent that lesbian feminist Lori Berenson to Peru to spread that propaganda & subvert Peru since when does the usa have the right to interfere in the morals of other nations?? just remember that el presidente Hugo Chavez has warned about this new colonialism– it must be resisted & returned into those colonialist nations

  4. Is a belief in witch doctors any sillier than a belief that people can rise from the dead or can walk on water?

    What’s happening in African countries like Uganda is a competition between Islamic fundamentalists and Christians to see who’s the most homophobic. Animism, referred to above, has been sidelined.

  5. Well, are we surprised? Like most African countries still in the stone age and believing in witch doctors and the like, it’s so easy for U.S based religious groups to brainwash them.
    One can make the general observation that the higher the IQ of a population the less homophobic it is.
    All the criticism in the world from the ‘evil west’ isn’t going to change the situation in our lifetime.

  6. Of course, the rest of the story is that this is the work of US Baptist evangelicals, Don Schmierer, Scott Lively and Caleb Brundidge, who participated in Stephen Langa’s Uganda conference on homosexuality last March, and their discussions of “ex-gay” therapy, pedophilia, and dangers to traditional marriage, set in motion the process which ultimately led to the “kill the gays” bill. I think its fair to say that Ugandans are rather gullible. According to the gay Uganda blog, “one of the biggest problems the GLBT community faces is that while we enjoy majority support from the general public for most of our most important goals, much of that support is abstract (“soft”) whereas much of our opposition is concrete (“hard”). One form of softness in support is a failure to realize that there really is a problem. ” Or as one blogger from Uganda writes, “Ok, my friends from over the seas. Now, I can actually say there is proof that you do export homophobia.”