Liz Hurley’s Son Says Directing His Mum’s Gay Sex Scene Was “Totally Normal”

Liz Hurley’s Son Says Directing His Mum’s Gay Sex Scene Was “Totally Normal”
Image: Sources: Vogue UK and Lionsgate Films

Damian Hurley has said that directing his mother – movie and modelling icon Liz Hurley – in a lesbian sex scene for his directorial debut Strictly Confidential felt “totally normal.” 

Damian, who is just 21 years old, is making his directorial debut with the upcoming film Strictly Confidential. 

The film follows Mia (Georgia Lock), a young woman invited to a house in the Caribbean where she spent time with her best friend Rebecca’s (Laura McQueen) suicide. 

However, as Mia investigates Rebecca’s death, she is drawn into a scandalous web of betrayal, sex and murder as secrets begin to reveal themselves. 

The trailer for the flick made waves last month when it depicted Liz’s character in a risqué scene with Pear Chiravara. 

Damian and Liz Hurley on the scene

While social media went wild talking about the young filmmaker and the interesting dynamic of directing one’s own mother in a lesbian sex scene, Damian spoke candidly to The Sunday Times  about it.

“I hate to say that it felt totally normal. I don’t know what that says about us,” said Damian. 

“I was speaking to a lot of my friends who are also the second generation of parents in the industry. 

“They say exactly the same thing: that things to outsiders that may seem totally strange and extraordinary, for us we’ll have just grown up with in everyday life.”

Speaking to Vogue UK, Liz says: “The fact that Damien would be my director in those scenes – which isn’t something you think is very likely to happen in your career. I found it was the most comfortable I’ve ever been in an intimate scene.

“I think it was liberating, in a way, to know that he had my back. There was nothing gratuitous that we shot, in my opinion.

A long time promise from Liz

Liz’s role in Strictly Confidential makes true on a promise she made to Damian when he was just 8 years old, which he shared in a behind the scenes post on Instagram in 2022.  

Source: @damianhurley1 on Instagram

He said: “Everyone involved deserves public declarations of adoration… but right now I want to worship [my mother] who, during the making of my first ever short film back in 2010 (when I was 8) promised she’d be in my first feature.

“True to her word, the minute this film was greenlit, Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help. Working together was a dream!” 

The film is due to release theatrically and digitally on April 5th in North America, while a release date for Australia is currently unknown.  

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