MAFS Star Natalie Parham “Speaking To” Another Woman After Disastrous TV Relationship

MAFS Star Natalie Parham “Speaking To” Another Woman After Disastrous TV Relationship
Image: Sources: @natarai on Instagram and Nine

Fan favourite Married At First Sight Australia 2024 contestant and bride Natalie Parham has revealed that she is in the early stages of dating another woman after her time on the reality show. 

Natalie’s pairing with husband Collins Christian on the latest MAFS season was an often painful experience for her, as viewers watched the bride attempt to connect with her husband through completely different energy levels and expectations. 

Now, though, it seems as though the sweet and energetic bride has found a new connection in an old friend. She told Channel Nine: “I’ve been speaking to someone special. We’ve known each other for years. We met when she was married and I was in a long-term relationship.

“I’ve never dated a woman before, I’ve been attracted to them but I’ve never been able to take that step into dating. They have been an incredible support to me since I left the experiment.

“Even if it just eventuates into a nice close friendship, we’re just going to see where it goes.”  

The announcement comes after other rumours and speculation about Natalie potentially dating other members of the MAFS Season 11 cast. This announcement shows that the prior contestant and bride is trying something completely new away from the experiment – and good for her! 

Post-Mortem of Natalie and Collins’ MAFS Pairing

Natalie and Collins left MAFS for good at the start of intimacy week after Natalie said she wanted to leave the experiment after the first dinner party. A lot of strife in the relationship was caused by Natalie feeling that Collins was extremely performative in the relationship, rather than being true to himself or her.  

Though she had already expressed desire to leave at the first dinner party, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that the couple was abruptly removed from the show due to a number of factors, including Natalie’s grief and anxiety over the then-recent passing of her father. 

The decision to leave was met with near-unanimous support by viewers of the show and contestants like Jayden Eynaud, who was one of many to criticise Collins for “pretending to be upset” when Natalie was. 

After their exit, Natalie talked to 9Entertainment about the breakdown of her and Collin’s relationship throughout the season, stating: “It was the lack of emotional connection. I just wanted someone whose barriers were down and would be happy to let me into their life.”


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One response to “MAFS Star Natalie Parham “Speaking To” Another Woman After Disastrous TV Relationship”

  1. I had an inkling they were a doomed coupling right from the start. I could tell just by watching them relate to each other.

    Natalie I could sympathise with, because she was relatable, but Collins was despondant and distant, and he wasn’t showing any emotion at all during particular events in Natalie’s experience. This was deeply concerning.