Far-Right Christian Men Attack LGBT Activists In South-West Sydney

Far-Right Christian Men Attack LGBT Activists In South-West Sydney
Image: Christian men attacked LGBTQI activists outside a church where One Nation MLC Mark Latham was due to give a speech in Sydney on March 21, 2023.

Far-right Christian men, some wearing Christian Lives Matter T-shirts,  set upon and attacked LGBTQI activists outside a church in the southwest Sydney suburb of Belfield, where One Nation MLC Mark Latham was due to give a speech on Tuesday evening. 

“Hundreds of violent far-right thugs attacked a small peaceful speak-out of  LGBTI+ activists with glass bottles, rocks and their fists. Several people were punched in the face multiple times and hit with rocks and bottles as they were surrounded by a mob 30 times their size,” Community Action for Rainbow Rights posted on social media.

CARR posted two videos, one of the men dressed in black swarming around the LGBTQI protesters and the second one of Christian Sukkar calling for attacks on protesters. 

“Officers from Campsie Police Area Command and the South West Metropolitan region attended about 5 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2023, in response to protest activity,” an NSW Police spokesperson told Star Observer in a statement.

Peaceful Protest By LGBTQI Activists


NSW MLC Mark Latham was due to speak at St Michael’s Church Hall for a scheduled election campaign event. According to CARR, around 15 LGBTQI activists held a peaceful protest a block away from the Church Hall. 

“Before the speak-out even began hundreds of far-right protesters charged out of the church and surrounded the small group of LGBTI+ activists and pelted them with rocks, bottles and punches as a small number of police struggled to hold them back,” CARR said in a statement. 


“Protesters were eventually escorted out of the mob via trucks which were then pelted with objects as they left Belfield. The protesters were followed by cars of far-right thugs for blocks.”

A cameraman, who goes by the online handle Chriscoveries, and films protests in Sydney, was also attacked by the Christian mob.

As the cameraman filmed the crowd, some of the men turned on him, pushing him and slamming him to the ground. “Get the fuck out of here,” one man shouts. Men stand over the cameraperson, as the video goes blank. He later posted an update that he was ‘ok’ and that his livestream gear worth about $1000 had been damaged.

I Didn’t See What Happened, Claims Latham

Latham claimed on Twitter that he was initially being prevented from attending the church to speak at the event. The MLC subsequently acknowledged the attack on protesters. 

“The police told me there had been violence on the front street, so I thoroughly condemned that and urged everyone to disperse peacefully,” Latham posted to Twitter. 

“I didn’t see what happened on the front street but I sincerely convey my best wishes to those injured and thank the police officers involved for their work. No one should take the law into their own hands. Violence at political events is wrong.” 

“We should sort out our differences peacefully at the ballot box as we are doing in NSW this Saturday. Any other approach is unacceptable and counter-productive in a democracy,” said Latham. 

The One Nation MLC claimed that he had not organised the event and was invited along with other speakers to speak at the event.

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11 responses to “Far-Right Christian Men Attack LGBT Activists In South-West Sydney”

  1. Hey Micheal Sukkar,’Time to Rise ?
    WTF !
    Time to get off the steroids Succker.
    What would Jesus think?

  2. However all I can say is WELCOME to the Daily life of Trans Women living in Southwestern Sydney.
    This what happened the other night, is what happens all the time time OUT HERE minus the bottles.
    Before anyone say’s, for us to report it. You can only report this behaviour so many times, or you’d be either on your phone nonstop or taking up res. in the police station.
    It’s even harder for those older people like myself who don’t trust the police in the frist place. Or those of us with historic both mental & physical scars from what the police have done to us over the years.
    So we just don’t do it anymore & some of us just DON’T GO OUT at all. Also it’s getting worse out here now.
    Before anyone say’s just move. MOST of us don’t have the finances or means to move to a better location & those who have have long gone.
    So again I say welcome to the Daily life of LGBTIQ+ People surviving in SOUTHWESTERN SYDNEY

  3. These are the children of the gay bashers who trolled Oxford Street in the 90s.
    I was bashed after being spotted, by some of my students from St Mary’s Cathedral College, having a sinful coffee with friends, taunted, and followed to ACON (where I was involved with the Gay Writers’ Project) and then attacked en masse.
    The follow up was worse. Police: you were in a side street ,so what do you expect.
    At the school on Monday, i was subjected to a poof, poof chant at assembly and told there would be no further work. The wonderful female school counselor sat me down and explained the constant homophobia amongst some staff and students, often fostered by their Maronite churches: this from a school that was under an order to stamp it out after students had been involved in some prominent bashing deaths in the late 80s and early 90s!
    “Out there nothing changes.”

  4. The heading is wrong. These are not Christian men. I am no fan of religion but these people are not in any way Christian. They are homophobic irrational idiots and deliberate troublemakers and should be identified as such

  5. Christianity has been thoroughly destroyed by these thugs, but then you only have to look back in history to see what Christianity has stood for, literally for hundreds of years: Cruelty, Sadism, Torture, Murder. They are Extremists of the very worst variety. They claim to follow the Teachings of their founder Jesus to Love, be Kind and Generous but they know nothing of any of those teachings. Just look at the obscene Greed and Wealth of All self-styled Christian Churches, then check out the fact that the biggest Christian sect of them all, the Roman Catholic Church and it’s leader allow wanted paedophiles to hide in the Vatican knowing that the Vatican has no Extradition Agreements with any of the countries wanting these paedophiles for trial and at the same time the current Pope (Francis) condemns Child Sex Abuse. What a hypocrite the man is!

  6. The so-called Christian churches are all complicit… they teach this hate and misinformation… they teach that LGBTQIA+ are sinful. That is completely wrong! The Bible does not condemn same sex relationships or LGBTQIA+ people…

  7. This thuggery is a symptom of all that is wrong about Christian churches…. they’ve given in to political ideology, vested interests and incorrect teaching! They are obsessed with the prosperity doctrine, with property (their land and buildings) and how they are losing their controlling grip on society. They have completely forgotten Christ’s teaching of loving your neighbour, being kind and not judging others. They are completely wrong about LGBTQIA+ people… the Bible does not condemn same sex relationships. They lie, misinterpret the scripture for their own ends. Basically they should be dismantled… they are a danger to society!

  8. This is so disturbing and disgusting! So, the “Christians” were violent, how does that work? They totally outnumbered the LGBTI+ protestors! These vile and hateful thugs have seen what is happening in America and just so moronically want to do the same thing here! The Churches these people belong to need to denounce this violence and punish these horrible and Godless people!

  9. What an awesome display of gross inhumanity once again by these types claiming to be followers of God & Jesus Christ. Cause all he did if you can believe the stories constantly went around committing gross acts of violence & discrimination, excused “in the name of”. I bet every Sky news crumbs had undisguised smirks & pleasure in their eyes when or if they reported this. Comedy gold to them!