Bisexual princess

Bisexual princess

Carla Andrews embarked on the Australian Princess journey as a dare and never thought she would be chosen.

It started out as a big joke, Andrews told Sydney Star Observer.

My friends saw it on TV and laughed about it. Somehow I actually ended up filling out an application. I didn’t get to engage my brain first.

I went on the show wondering about myself and what kind of person I was.

But moving out of her comfort zone was difficult for Andrews at times.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the environment. It was hard for me as I’m used to hanging with boys and people who aren’t as fussy.

Some of these girls have some really disturbing habits. When going to the public toilet they wouldn’t actually touch the handle with their bare hands, Andrews said.

Now, watching the show, Carla feels the judges have been two-faced and at times even homophobic.

I was a little disappointed over the judges. They were quite submissive and at times cared more about the objectives of the show than [they did about] the contestants. The girls were quite lovely about my sexuality and didn’t have a problem with it, she said.

My weight, sexuality and the fact that I’m gothic have been discussed in quite harsh terms on the show. I think that the judges were horrified by any kind of alternative lifestyle.

During the filming of the show Carla developed a secret crush on one of the other contestants, which caused great controversy. Amanda is the girl I had a crush on. Before the end of the show I made a point and took her aside. I told her how I felt. Surprisingly she was quite open-minded about it all.

Even after being on a show based on turning average Australian girls into princesses, life hasn’t changed that much for Andrews.

Most of the princess lessons went in one ear and have gone straight out of the other. I learnt a lot about myself more than anything else.

I’m going to finish university, keep wearing daggy pants, dressing badly and dying my hair black. I realised on the show that I am very happy with who I am and very comfortable and proud of the things that make me.

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