Convicts grin and bare it for money

Convicts grin and bare it for money

The Sydney Convicts whipped it off for charity on Saturday night – and thrilled the crowds in the process. More than 700 fans packed the midnight shift club for the Rugger Bugger Full Monty Show – and the boys didn’t disappoint, raising about $13,000 in the process.

Convicts Club President Andrew “Fuzz” Purchas said there was no doubt the night was a great success with great shows, a great vibe and lots of lucky door prizes.

“There were bare-cheeked grins from ear to ear on a lot of people right from the start,” he said.

“Donna Frock and her troupe blew the crowd away with their rendition of Proud Mary. “By the time the boys took to the stage for the main event the crowd was pumping and the lads didn’t let them down.”

Fuzz also gave special thanks to host for the evening, the Convicts favourite drag queen and SSO columnist Maxi Shield.

The naughty night was held to raise money to enable the Convicts to fly to Ireland next year to defend gay rugby’s equivalent of the World Cup –the Bingham Cup.

But for now it’s clothes back on and back into action. This weekend the Convicts play the boys from Halligan battling Briars at Rothwell Park, Concord from 10am Saturday, and the Noice boys play Lane Cove at Wollahara Oval No. 2, at Rose Bay.

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