Gay Ski Week in liquidation

Gay Ski Week NZ has been placed in voluntary liquidation.

Organiser Mike Sandford made the announcement about the nine-year-old event last night in an email to supporters and associates.

“It is with deep regret and sadness that I have to announce that effective today, 20 July 2011, Livewire Group Ltd the company that runs Gay Ski Week NZ has been placed into Voluntary Liquidation,” the email stated.

“Over the past few months I have been actively seeking funding and support to ensure that it did not come to this.

“I did manage to secure a financially solid investor but unfortunately two weeks ago the deal fell through when they failed to provide the agreed funds. Since then I have been searching for an alternative investor to refinance the business unfortunately the last attempt failed earlier today. Upon legal advice I have no other option but to liquidate the company and event … unless a white knight comes forward now.”

The Star Observer understands this year’s event has attracted less than 20 bookings due to a number of issues including earthquake activity in New Zealand and the rescheduling of the ski event due to Rugby World Cup date conflicts.

“As with many other events, the funds from pre-bookings are used to operate and promote the event in the form of marketing materials, prize giveaways as well as securing entertainment and venues. Every other year everything falls into place unfortunately this has not been the case this year,” Sandford’s email stated.

Sandford stated he had unsuccessfully sought urgent assistance from Tourism New Zealand, Destination Queenstown, Air New Zealand and the New Zealand Tourism Minister to save the event.

But those who have pre-paid for their trip are unlikely to see a refund.

“So what does this all mean to you? Regrettably, without the required funding I have been trying to secure Livewire Group Ltd t/a GAY SKI WEEK NZ does not have the funds to run, or pre pay for the services required for the weeks events to proceed,” Sandford’s email stated.

“So, the current state of things means you join me on the creditors list.

“I cannot express how sorry I am – absolutely devastated doesn’t come close to describing how I am feeling. This would have been our ninth year but sadly due to events out of my control, I have lost everything – nine years of hard work gone.

“There are still going to be many guys coming to Queenstown, unfortunately the ground support staff will not be there.

“If anyone wants to discuss last minute funding of NZ$30K to see the week proceed, please email me [email protected]

“Or as has just been suggested all our fans out there if we all chipped in a NZ$100 (AU$80) as a memebership/supporters club we could save the event at the 11th hour.

“Let me know if this appeals to you all as it would be great to celebrate GSWNZ 2012 the BIG TENTH YEAR.”

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