Park Sydney: making inner-city living feel like an escape

Park Sydney: making inner-city living feel like an escape
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Sydney’s most significant new residential development, Park Sydney, is a vibrant new living, dining, shopping and lifestyle destination.

Located just 4 kilometres from the CBD in the flourishing urban centre of Erksineville, Park Sydney merges the convenience of inner-west Sydney life with the beauty of lush, spacious parkland on all sides.

Park Sydney At the heart of the development will be the newly created McPherson Park, a 7,400 square metre green space.

Lining the edge of McPherson Park will be a cafe and dining strip, offering everything from casual brunch eateries to fine restaurants.

Only a 650 metre walk to Erskineville station, Park Sydney is perfect for regular commuters.

And if you love to go for a stroll, Park Sydney comes in at an 88 walk score – meaning you can get most of your errands done on foot, with a retail precinct placing all of life’s necessities at your fingertips.

It’s far enough to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while allowing you to never miss out on the excitement of what’s happening around Sydney.

Park Sydney has an amazing deal for prospective homeowners, who can save now and pay later with an offer to pay your stamp duty and delay your stamp duty payment by 12 months.

Plus it’s the perfect new investment, with Erskineville’s 4.1 per cent rental yield sitting above Sydney’s 3.6 per cent average.

Apartments and terraces are now selling in the low-medium density site, with buildings ranging between two and eight storeys.

To hear more about the early morning convenience and late-night experience that is Park Sydney, head to

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