Swapping goggles for guitars

Swapping goggles for guitars

Since he left Neighbours five years ago, Stephen Hunt has been most famous for slipping into his Speedos and swimming ridiculously long distances, all for the sake of the AIDS Trust.

While many of his Neighbours colleagues have gone straight from the TV studio to the recording studio, Hunt has been busy crossing Sydney Harbour, the English Channel and the Gibraltar Straits, raising money for HIV/AIDS research.

He has also spent the past year working as the general manager of the Y.E.A.H. Foundation (Youth Empowerment against HIV/AIDS)

Away from his AIDS works and marathon swims, however, it appears Hunt has been just as passionate with his own music. He has released two EP albums in England and played a number of music gigs in cities all over the world.

Next week, it is Sydney’s turn to see Hunt take to the music stage to sing, play and perform his own music for a showcase performance at The Lair in the Metro Theatre.

I have been waiting for a time when I felt I was ready, Hunt says.

I was always very conscious of the Neighbours connection and I didn’t want to associate my music with the show, so I have waited a few years here for that attention to die down.

I have played around the world in London, New York, Bosnia, LA and Auckland, but I thought it was time to crack it in Australia. Neighbours was a great experience, but it was five years ago and, at the end of the day, has nothing to do with my music.

Profits from the gig at The Lair will be split between Y.E.A.H. and the AIDS Trust.

In Australia, HIV is on the rise, and even more so overseas, so this is something everyone is going to have to face at some point, either health-wise or economically, he says.

Nothing is going to stop me until they find a cure, which I hope does happen one day. But it is not looking too likely at the moment.

Stephen Hunt plays at The Lair, Metro Theatre, on 12 May from 8pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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