Z is for-¦

Zzzzzzzzzzz: Ah, lots of zeds in a row, the sign of a good night’s sleep. Something many gay people in Sydney get very little of – especially on the weekend when it’s possible to indulge from dawn to dusk and dusk till dawn. Starting off on Friday why not head down to Newtown for supper and drinks? Then it’s off to Oxford Street for chasers all the way up the strip until you tumble into Arq.

After a quick red bull to perk you up it’s the dance floor till 7am and then trying not to get run over as you dive into Manacle. While the good people of Sydney are rushing to Pitt Street you will emerge blinking into the crushing sunlight and just as swiftly collapse into a cab. An hour or two at a new friend’s house will surely lead to a bag of chips and the pub until suddenly, it’s 6pm.

Repeat process for one and half more days. Then turn up for work on Monday looking like someone has killed you, buried you, left you for six months, exhumed you, put a suit on you and sat you at your desk. On Monday night go home and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Zzzzzzzzzzz: It’s time for the Q Files to go to sleep. After a couple of runs through the alphabet there is little more to be said about the A-Z of being gay. Sure -“ we could say it all one or two more times, but what’s the point? How many times do you want us to tell you that E is for ecstasy and D is for dyke? And let’s be honest, coming up with gay-themed articles for the letters X, Y and Z is no easy feat.

Now what we would like to see is information from you about things happening in your neck of the woods, or the goings on at your particular gay and lesbian social group. Rather than us telling you what’s news, we want you to tell us. Send your newsletters, requests, thoughts and information to [email protected]. We will do our best to get as much information into the Sydney Star Observer as is physically possible. Goodbye and good luck. Over and out.

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