Turnbull would vote for change if allowed

Turnbull would vote for change if allowed

Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull said he is in favour of same-sex marriage, however, is bound by his party to vote against it when legislation comes before Parliament.

In his clearest statement yet on the issue, Turnbull told Sky News yesterday he personally supports marriage equality.

“I would be quite untroubled with the state recognising same-sex couples, and giving that the term of marriage,” Turnbull told Sky News.

“I find the argument that the institution of marriage is under attack from homosexuals wanting to live together as quite ridiculous.”

The Wentworth MP said if Coalition MPs were granted a conscience vote, he would most likely support a marriage equality bill, but said he would not break ranks.

“If there was a conscience vote on this issue, subject to the legislation being satisfactory to, going through it, I would be more likely to support it than not,” he said.

“The fact is that politics is a team sport, we have decided on our side to not to have a conscience vote on this issue. There is a variety of views on that as you know, but we’re not going to have conscience vote on this issue so I won’t be crossing the floor on this issue.

Turnbull said he doesn’t believe Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will change his position opposing a free vote on the issue.

“Tony made the decision that we were not going to have a conscience vote on the same-sex marriage issue, and that has the support of the party room,” Turnbull said.

“Coalition frontbenchers at least, unless they want to resign from the frontbench, will vote against the same-sex marriage legislation. Backbenchers of course in the Liberal Party can always cross the floor without risk of being expelled from the party.”

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11 responses to “Turnbull would vote for change if allowed”

  1. “I was just following orders” – that has never been a convincing argument. Mr Turnbull needs to decide whose side he is on. When the vote finally comes Mr Turnbull will show his true colours, then Gay liberals will have to decide whether they wish to continue to support a party that is far from any definition of “Liberal”

  2. This is Turnbull’s way of following the party line, keeping his seat on the front bench, showing his support for gay marriage, letting us know that back benchers can and should be targeted, and throwing Abbott under the bus – all in one. :-) The man is a very good politician. He probably learned a lot from watching Wong get it so very wrong. I would vote for his party, as well, if he were leading it.

  3. Turnbull needs to grow a pair and lead pro-equality Libs across the fllor. Otherwise this is just image-flossing for his constituents. Words are cheap – let’s see some action.

  4. What do we do about Tony Abbott???

    Too much focus on the ALP. Tony needs to be our main target on our campaign now.

    All hands on deck I say

  5. FINALLY Turnbull comes out in favour of marriage equality and just in time for an appearance at the Aurora Ball.

  6. The Liberal Party are no friend of the LGBT Community. They have never supported LGBT Law Reform.

    Malcolm Turnbull is a disgrace! A so called “liberal” who will not cross the floor due to Abbott.

    A very sad tale.

    At least the Australian Labor Party(ALP) have allowed a conscience vote !!!! Mind you they have been dragged “kicking and screaming” due to the activist approach of The Greens.

  7. If Mr. Turnbull was leading any party I would vote for that party. I will have a conscience vote next election and will not be responsible for helping tony abbott into the Prime Ministers job, even though the local Liberal member is a great MP. I would vote for an independent so as to keep the bastard honest if the Liberals don’t change leaders.

  8. It’s frightening to think that this country is now in the grip of loony, right-wing, religious politicians. There is already a fire and brimstone stink drifting down from the Deep North of Queensland.
    Recon it’s time to join the Gun lobby.

  9. When will the liberals realize that dictatorship has no place in Australian politics and place malcom turnbull as party leader?

  10. I wonder if his conscience would take him far enough to state his position re the more than 1 million Australians abused at the hands of the religious and governments who still act in harmony to deny natural justice to survivors of a litany of crimes including childhood sexual abuse. Governments willing to coverup and to aid and assist religious criminals denies by proxy all those subjected to sexual crimes within the community.

    Quite simply if governments wanted to bring a halt to abuses by the religious they would simply legislate in the same way they woudl legislate if they encountered the same issues in the corprate world. The facts of their failure is clearly evident to the whole comminty.

  11. I think this goes to show that politicians in this country are gutless wonders. I can’t believe that someone would put their career above that of civil rights. It’s completely disgusting behaviour and there is nothing honourable about it. From now on, I will refer to this man by his surname only. He doesn’t deserve a title. The Nuremberg defence doesn’t cut it in the modern age.