Out Gay Aussie MP Questioned Over Likes For JK Rowling’s Transphobic Tweets

Out Gay Aussie MP Questioned Over Likes For JK Rowling’s Transphobic Tweets
Image: Labor MP Julian Hill. Image: Facebook

Trans activists have questioned out gay Australian Labor MP Julian Hill over his Twitter likes for J K Rowling’s transphobic posts. 

This comes after Hill was slammed by activists over a tweet where he joked about failed Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves’ plans to bid for the late Jim Molan’s NSW Senate seat. 

On Thursday, activists found that Hill had liked two transphobic posts by author J K Rowling in the past. 

“What did you like about these two tweets,” trans athlete Kirsti Miller asked Hill. 

Julian Hill Clarifies Likes

The Labor MP was forced to issue a clarification. “Liking a random tweet that floats past does not equate to agreeing with JK Rowling’s views, which I do not. This is a debate which has caused people, incl. many I love, terrible harm. I don’t want my position to be misconstrued,” Hill posted on Twitter, adding, “To be clear, transphobia is to be condemned.”

Miller responded to Hill’s clarification: “There are no two sides to transphobia. Transphobia is not a debate, it is violence!”

Earlier this month, Hill faced backlash over his tweets on Deves, who is known for her anti-trans views. “Yes yes yes! How do I vote for Katherine Deves in the Senate? She’d be a brilliant asset for Labor,” Hill tweeted after news broke that Deves plans to put her hand up for the NSW Senate seat.

Hours later, he issued an apology. “Apologies to anyone who took this literally or was upset by it. Of course, I don’t support Deves! Her views are vile and divisive. She’s so extreme the fact she’s even being talked about reveals what the Liberals have become. That’s the point.”

No Laughing Matter

Trans activists reminded Hill that it was not “comedy hour”. 

“We understand that Julian Hill is taking the piss out of the Liberals if they accept her nomination for the senate. However this is not a matter that should be joked about,” Trans Health Australia, said in a statement.

“Katherine Deves has done tremendous harm to trans & gender diverse Australians in the past and the ALP government needs to take this matter much more seriously and step up and shut people like her down once and for good.”

“This is not comedy hour – Stop the Genocide of trans and gender diverse people. We need a Bill of Human Rights to protect all Australians from hate and vilification now!” added the organisation. 

Julian Hill, member for Bruce, first entered Parliament in 2016. In his maiden speech to the Parliament in 2016, Hill acknowledged his two long-time partners Lorien and David. 

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