Same sex attracted man who left the “gay lifestyle” pushes No vote

Same sex attracted man who left the “gay lifestyle” pushes No vote
Image: Image: YouTube / Sydney University Catholic Society.

One of the handful of same-sex attracted people who are voting no in the marriage equality postal survey, Christian activist James Parker has penned an explanation of his views.

“I am labelled as bigoted, homophobic, and discriminatory and yet in the past I have risked imprisonment fighting for gay rights,” Parker wrote.

“Few people realise that a significant percentage of Australia’s ‘out and proud’ gay men and women are quietly voting no.”

Parker explained in his essay that his concern is for families and children.

“These same-sex attracted men and women tell me they are voting no because they believe that wherever possible children have the right to know and be cared for by  their biological parents in line with Article 7 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” he wrote.

“Understandably, many oppose any increase of commercial surrogacy and gay parenting, an obvious by-product of legalising same-sex marriage.”

Parker, who has said he grew up gay before discovering religion and leaving the “gay lifestyle” to embrace heterosexuality, was behind a campaign that distributed anti-LGBTI flyers around Perth earlier this year.

He claimed in his essay that gay de facto couples already have equal rights.

“Australia’s postal vote on marriage has never been about the equality of gay and lesbian couples,” wrote Parker.

“This debate is about preserving the communal freedoms of every Australian whatever their sexual attraction, and the best environment for raising future generations.”

He added that LGBTI No voters are finding solace within the No campaign.

“Sadly, most gays and lesbians only dare share online with me their reasons for voting No for fear of being bashed by Yes supporters,” he said.

“Gay men and women engaged in the No campaign report finding a belonging and respect that they have searched for and never quite found within the LGBTI community.”

Parker urged readers to resist the “aggressive, fundamentalist doctrine of gay ideology” on marriage.

“The lucky country already has it really good,” he wrote.

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t mess it up now.”

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13 responses to “Same sex attracted man who left the “gay lifestyle” pushes No vote”

  1. He mentioned there are lots of gays or lesbians people wanting to vote No, what was the point of telling him all the reasons they were going to vote No? Was he those gay and lesbian people’s Dad or guidian? Logically, it just doesn’t make sense. Everyone’s vote is their own business (Yes/No decision wise), and is usually a private thing unless they are wanting to make a public speech about it as a public figure. I don’t know if I should trust the evidence he used and shared. And, I doubt.

  2. He has obviously never had to take care of kids. I certainly wouldn’t want him near mine if something, God forbid, were to happen to me or my spouse. I wouldn’t call him homophobic or bigoted, but perhaps judgemental, self-righteous and a pharisee. Yeah, look it up, Parker, you can look it up in the first four books of the New Testament.

    Do you think God regards traditions as more important than love and actually caring for your fellow human beings? Wrong. He never has and never will.

  3. well done on the photo, that is the faggiest photo of the ‘christian’ activist you could ever find. Love the sign says ‘God loves gays’. We know, We’re fabulous!

  4. This is what discrimination can do to people. They twist themselves in to what they imagine will offer them acceptability only to find out some time latter that they’re still gay. Pity the woman who has gone along with this and pity the man as well.

  5. How typical! Out he trots all the usual jargon about UN Conventions, carefully chosen phrases taken out of context from the Bible – the foundation document of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A book so full of horror, cruelty and discrimination it is a wonder it is still allowed to be sold. A book which quite clearly states that Women are the Property of their Husbands, Fathers and/or Brothers if unmarried. After their husband dies Women are required to marry their late husbands Brother – never mind that he may already be married. A book which authorises Men to Stone their Wives should she commit adultery BUT there is NO Punishment at all for a Man who commits it.
    The Bible and the three major Western Religions which came from it was written By, For and Of Men and Men only.
    Parker is living a Lie – he even admits it.
    James Parker willingly and deliberately is breaking at least TWO of his Christian God’s Ten Commandments: Thou shalt Not Lie and Though Shalt Not bear False Witness.
    This entire, albeit stupid waste of money, Survey is about just One Single issue: EQUALITY
    Changing the Secular Australian Marriage Act will not impact any Religious Laws. It will not put a stop to Freedom of Speech or Expression.
    It will not stop people marrying in a religious house, it will not stop them simply living together and raising a family. A heterosexual family is no more likely to raise a Loving, Caring Family than a homosexual one. The Proven evidence shows that most Domestic Violence occurs in heterosexual families.
    If any of us truly believes in Total Equality for all then, whether or not we would ever even consider marrying our Same Gender Partner (I would never do so and my friends feel the same way) we should vote to give Equality to ALL

  6. This is not about children. This is not about LGBTI rights to have or care for children.
    It is about two adults of the same sex wanting to marry. THAT IS ALL IT IS ABOUT. So vote on that only.

    • So true Greg, it’s been so twisted and misrepresented and reported. Now the stupid catholic church is banging on about losing jobs??? WTF?? it’s about equality.
      and this moron is out of touch, gays can already adopt etc under the current laws, that’s not the issue at all!!

  7. Where do this reformed gays find these other gay people who are voting No with this held views? I only keep hearing that they exist but never hear from them. I wonder how much of this claim is as make belief as their magic man?

  8. “many oppose any increase of commercial surrogacy and gay parenting, an obvious by-product of legalising same-sex marriage.”
    In almost all parts of Australia, marital status isn’t a requirement for any sort of parenting or surrogacy. The people that want to have children have the same options now as they will when they can get married.

  9. Mr Jones exactly what reference do you cite to explain the opening line of your article: “One of the handful of same-sex attracted people who are voting no in the marriage equality postal survey”?

  10. “Parker…said he grew up gay before discovering religion and leaving the “gay lifestyle” to embrace heterosexuality…”

    1) Parker IS gay. He wasn’t “indoctrinated”– he grew up in a hereto-environment yet still “grew up gay”. Right now, Parker is a gay man.

    2) There is no “life-style”– that’s a term that was invented by heterosexuals to dismiss what they don’t understand & therefore want to attack. *It is also a term now used by self-loathing homosexuals.

    3) There is no, “embracing of” heterosexuality. What *Parker is saying is: “I am a self-loathing gay man who would rather pretend, on demand, to be straight– in order to be accepted by the people who know I’m only pretending & are happiest letting me live this sad lie of a life.”

    There, fixed it for you, Parker.