Victoria pledges $1 million to support LGBTI community through postal vote

Victoria pledges $1 million to support LGBTI community through postal vote
Image: Daniel Andrews. Image: Daniel Bone.

The Victorian Government has announced it will provide $1 million to support the LGBTI community through the federal government’s postal survey on marriage equality.

Minister for Equality Martin Foley today announced a $500,000 funding package to help mental health services and LGBTI organisations keep up with heightened demands as a result of the vote.

The funding has been added on to the $500,000 already announced by the state government a few months ago, when the federal government announced it had put aside money for a potential plebiscite.

“None of us wanted to see a divisive, non-binding opinion poll – but because it’s happening we will do all we can to support the LGBTI community,” Foley said.

“This additional funding will ensure no matter where you live – help and support is accessible.

“While this postal vote is completely unnecessary and federal parliament should just do its job – we encourage all people to get on the electoral roll or update their details to have their say.”

The initial $500,000 funding will help provide critical resources to organisations including Switchboard Victoria, Drummond St, and Headspace, mental health services that provide invaluable support to LGBTI people.

The state government will work with the LGBTI community to determine where the additional $500,000 will be allocated during the 12-week postal vote process.

Australian voters have until August 24 to enrol or update their details to ensure they can vote in the upcoming postal poll for marriage equality.

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One response to “Victoria pledges $1 million to support LGBTI community through postal vote”

  1. Alanis Morrisette’s new verse for the song IRONIC:

    *It’s DIVORCEE Lyle Shelton “protecting” traditional marriage from gays!

    *It’s homophobic BROTHER-TO-LESBIAN Tony Abbot “protecting” family values!

    *It’s CATHOLIC CLERGY PEDOPHILE-DEFENDER Miranda Devine “protecting” safe children from their gay parents!

    *It’s Kevin Donnelly attacking Safe Schools but promoting Phillip Morris cigarettes to school kids!

    …Who would have thought, it figures.