Nicola Coughlan Donating Funds from Accidental Gay Club Banger to LGBT Charities

Nicola Coughlan Donating Funds from Accidental Gay Club Banger to LGBT Charities
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Nicola Coughlan recently had a soundbyte turned into an absolute banger track which went viral, and was hailed as “the song of the summer” – so now she’s using it to raise money for LGBTQI+ charities.

During an interview with Hits Radio UK, the Bridgerton star was asked what she’d be doing if she wasn’t an actor.

The clip of the interview with the devoted LGBTQI+ ally went viral on Tiktok, because Coughlan hilariously responded by saying if she wasn’t acting, she’d want to be making a very camp gay club banger alá the Real Housewives stars.

In the clip, Coughlan responds to the interviewer by explaining how Real Housewives stars tend to make songs where they simply list things:

“They don’t even really sing. They’re like, ‘Shoes and private yachts. Caviar… and more shoes,’” says Coughlan.

And the internet being the internet, this soundbyte was of course immediately spun into a fantastical club remix by Ellis Miah, a songwriter and producer who has worked with RuPaul, Big Freedia, and Mily Cyrus.

@ellismiah Lets get Nicola Coughlan here dream job and make her a club icon! #bridgerton #houseremix #nicolacoughlan #nicolacoughlanedit #bridgertontiktok #shoesprivateyactcaviarmoreshoes #spycms #gaytiktok #gaypride @nicolacoughlan ♬ Nicola Coughlan shoes private yacht Ellis Miah – ellis

Unsurprisingly, Coughlan absolutely loved it, and shared it to all her social accounts.

Nicola Coughlan using ‘SHOES’ to raise money for charity

Teasing the release of the full track, Coughlan has now posted an on-point single cover to her Instagram, saying she’s “in [her] making music almost exclusively for gay men era”.

She also confirmed she’ll be using the song to raise money for LGBTQI+ organisations.

She says funds will to go to Not a Phase – a charity supporting transgender people in the UK, and The Trevor Project – a LGBTQI+ suicide prevention organisation.


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