Out Gay Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Reveals He Sells His Old Underwear To OnlyFans Followers

Out Gay Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Reveals He Sells His Old Underwear To OnlyFans Followers
Image: Matthew Mitcham. Image: Instagram

Out Gay Australian Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham joined OnlyFans and has revealed the sort of requests that he gets from followers, including for his old underwear (“the older the better”). 

Mitcham came out as gay ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and made history as the first out gay man to win an individual Olympic gold medal. Mitcham has spoken about his battles with addiction and recently celebrated seven years of sobriety. 

In an interview with KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren on Thursday, Mitcham revealed the money he makes on OnlyFans and the requests that he receives from his followers. 

The Art Of The Tease

Matthew Mitcham. Image: Instagram

Mitcham was honest about his motivation for joining OnlyFans – money. But he told the radio hosts that he does not post explicit content. “It is the art of the tease. I’ve only shown the very top, no full diving board yet. You have to leave something for people to hang around,” the retired diver told Jase and Lauren. 

“If you want to see my feet, I will post a picture of my feet. You have no idea how many people are into feet – it blows my mind,” Mitcham said. 

Mitcham’s husband Luke Rutherford is also on OnlyFans as Mr Male Massage and he posts explicit videos of him giving massages to people. 

The Olympic diver said he regularly hosts Q&A sessions with his followers and his fans had all sorts of requests for him

“It is just a good opportunity for people to get to interact with me on a more personal level, where they may not otherwise get a chance and get to ogle my body.”

‘People Want To Purchase My Old Underwear’

Matthew Mitcham. Images: Instagram

And then there are others who want his underwear and Mitcham said he sells it to them for a price. 

“I get everything. I get people wanting to see me in different kinds of underwear. People want to purchase my old underwear, the older the better. I am happy to do that because they want my oldest underwear that I would’ve thrown out anyway. I think I under charge,” said Mitcham. 

He revealed that his old underwear goes for a premium. “I only sell my old undies for $250 but I was watching a TV show, and a boxer said people buy her used socks for like a grand so I think I’m very, very reasonably priced.” Mitcham said that his old speedos from his diving career were still not on the market and he was “holding on” to them for now. 

Responding to a question from the radio hosts, the former diver said he charges a monthly subscription of US $10, and the money is what keeps him motivated to continue to be on the platform. 

“It is stupid – if I made this much money diving, I would be going to my fifth Olympics next year. It’s brilliant,” added Mitcham.

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2 responses to “Out Gay Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Reveals He Sells His Old Underwear To OnlyFans Followers”

  1. Good one Matthew. So inspiring. I myself have several pairs of grundies that would defy forensic examination, and indeed 2 pair of blue y- fronts that would have carbon- dating experts throw in the towel.

  2. If Matthew is correct when he says lots of people want to buy his old underwear and he wants to make a killing all he has to do is go to the local Op Shop where he can pick lots of pairs of jocks, boxers for just a few cents!
    Are people Really into this sort of thing/? I always thought it was just something people said and the very idea of either wearing or sniffing someone’s old, underwear makes me want to throw up!