Overturn film ban: director

Overturn film ban: director

I Want Your LoveMore than 2000 people have joined calls for Australian film censors to overturn a ban on gay US film, I Want Your Love.

Melbourne director Grant Scicluna started an online petition on Saturday via Change.org after learning that the film had been banned by Australian Classification Board.

It was the only film banned from the Melbourne Queer Film Festival this year.

The film follows Jesse who is struggling with the idea of departing San Francisco after a confusing decade of what feels like not achieving much.

For his last night in town, a farewell party is thrown for him that promises to exacerbate Jesse’s already bittersweet feelings about leaving his friends and ex-lovers.

In his petition, Scicluna said: “There is no reason why this film should not be shown to a paying adult audience within the context of curated film festivals. I Want Your Love has screened at every major queer film festival in the world and is getting a DVD release in the United States this month. Why are we the only country in the world to refuse its citizens the right to see it?”

The film’s director, Travis Mathews wrote on the petition’s webpage that the film depicted one slice of contemporary gay life.

“I respectfully ask that the Australian Classification Board reconsider their decision to ban the film from public viewing,” he wrote.

“I’ve screened this film in dozens of countries around the world and never has it been banned.”

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