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GerryNorth-e1342602124661111111111You had a great party weekend, met many sexy and cool people, told your life story a few times and heard a few. You were fabulous, they were fabulous but today, “You’re coming down like a bitch!” Welcome to the world of the come down but you can easily ease the pain with some considerations beforehand.

A warning first though – if you are already feeling under high stress before the party season, having trouble with your relationship/s or not feeling crash hot physically, you might want to seriously re-consider indulging too heavily.

We all know the higher you go up the lower you come down (Newton), so you can predict the outcome from the start with a little imagination. If you intend to go flying then make a plan for a smoother landing before the take off. (Metaphors, I just love em!) There is little point telling most people not to use attitude enhancers so let’s realistically discuss ways to reduce the come down.

Serotonin is the chemical what makes the brain happy but when you party too much that lovely happy juice decreases dramatically. You then end with symptoms of depression: little interest in anything, feeling irritable, annoyed at little things and wanting to tell the flat mate, the boyfriend, the boss, the neighbour and anyone else around to fuck off.

So let’s plan to keep yourself nice and everyone around you safe while you’re coming down like a bitch! The rescue is in the preparation. What you will need is food before you party and food at home after. Food you can actually eat like bananas, (nice and soft and easy to get down) avocados, pasta, and scrambled eggs. You will also be greatly dehydrated so stock up on plenty of mineral water and sports drinks. Next get some: calming vids, soft music, change the sheets beforehand, an eye mask, some rehydrating mist spray, eye gel and plan to chill out. You could try going for a swim or having a cold shower. Sleep as much as you can as it will do wonders in the long run. Take a look at this website for some more tips:

You are also more than likely going to also feel down about yourself. You might think you are worthless, you flat really dirty and your life is fucked. So write some notes for yourself while you are feeling healthy and content before the party. Stick notes in the fridge, on the bathroom mirror and elsewhere like, “In a few days I will feel great, Chill out baby, life is good, Stay calm and cool it, People do love me.”

Take a few days off if you can, do very little for a while and remove any stressful times ahead. Okay so have fun and make plans for your recovery. You are not to become a bitch. Okay! Take care my party lovelies.

Gerry North is a couple’s counsellor and can be contacted at[email protected]

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