How dare [Channel Ten newsreader] Ron Wilson call anyone disgusting. It is not his job to be some kind of judge of moral decency (I believe that job belongs to religious leaders). It’s Mr Wilson’s job to report or, as was the case, interview.
It was beyond offensive to a massive community, a community that has endured more hate and intolerance than Ron Wilson will ever know, and in this day and age it is that kind of attitude that should not be tolerated.
Also, he referred to being gay/lesbian as ‘an alternative lifestyle’. Inaccurate. There is no alternative for the GLBTI community — people don’t choose to be a different sexuality — they’re born that way!
I see that both Channel Ten and Mr Wilson are already in damage control, releasing media statements ‘apologising for any offence’. A mere media statement isn’t going to cut it this time.
Perhaps Mr Wilson could make a generous donation to a GLBTI charity, just to prove he is not the intolerant bigot he appeared to be.
But then perhaps he is just that.
— Malechi

In February, I went with a Thai friend to see Steven Dawson’s new play Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy. I didn’t enjoy the play, but I don’t fault Steven Dawson for that — that’s just a question of personal taste.
However, I do fault Dawson for a casual racist remark that left my friend and me stunned and offended.
One character asks another about his new boyfriend by saying something like “Oh no! You haven’t caught yellow fever and hooked up with an Asian, have you?”
He then goes on about how two friends of his came home with Asians, one of whom had a small penis and the other stabbed his friend with a kebab skewer.
The other character then responds with something like “Dn’t worry, it’s nothing like that, I haven’t hooked up with an Asian!”
As if the very idea would be unthinkable.
My friend and I both felt extremely uncomfortable. We couldn’t quite believe what we’d just heard. It’s 2011 and white playwrights can still make jokes about how awful it would be to have an Asian boyfriend? The whole experience left a bitter taste in our mouths.
Finally, a brief browse over Dawson’s website features posters and photos from most of his plays going back to the ’90s. There is not one Asian (or even non-white) face on the whole webpage.
I think Steven Dawson should seriously question how he deals with other races in his plays and I think he owes an apology to Melbourne’s Asian community.
— Karl


One has to question how a law can be termed an anti-discrimination law when it allows religious schools and organisations to discriminate against gay people.
Gay people are required to pay taxes. The government gives taxpayers’ dollars to religious schools and organisations.
Who is to protect the homosexual child and the homosexual youth? With most parents being heterosexual and having little knowledge of the homosexual they are embarrassed, ignorant and /or disappointed that the homosexual child has not met their expectations. These parents in the main are ill-equipped to understand and help the child deal with those of homophobic disposition.
Kevin Rudd hinted at a bill of rights but nothing happened. The Greens are currently looking at introducing one.
As the anti-discrimination laws are not effective in the area of gay discrimination, we should encourage the discussion of a bill of rights with our local politicians.
We need a bill of rights that covers every Australian without exception to creed, age, race, colour, religion, gender or sexuality.
— Ron

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