Fine Daniel, (‘No to mariage’, SSO #1067) don’t get married. If someone asks you, just say “no”.

For those of us who would like to have our relationships legally recognised in support of the many legally binding decisions we make as de facto couples, and for those who just want to frock up and say “I do”, marriage is a right we demand.

No one’s forcing anyone to say “till death do us part”.

You seem to have a pre-modern concept of marriage. It ain’t all doom and gloom.

We hear you, loud and clear. You don’t want it. Fine. No problem. Me? “I do”, so move out of the way please.

— Michael


These loonies (‘Soldiers outed on Facebook’, SSO #1068) should not be allowed near firearms or explosives. Typing and filing might be suitable, unless illiteracy is a problem.

— Chris


We all have known setbacks and triumphs, but we have never lost our belief that we can make this great country the land of equality.

In this decade we will see same-sex marriage happen, and we will see us included in a federal equal opportunity act, and the many areas of discrimination dissolved. But to achieve this we must keep up our spirits, keep fighting the bastards, and taking the journey down the road that leads to equality.

Do not despair or give up when you are suffering a setback. Keep going and show people the way. The good will become good again, as most people are good, and they will start to see injustices in your life, and they will take it as personally as you do.

We will not sway because our passing prime minister is pandering to the extremist in the Catholic SDA Union.

We will bit by bit build our case for justice, for civil rights, for all the great things we want this country to be.

Let us remember the success of those who campaigned for us to be able to make love to our beloved, without the fear of jail. Their triumph shows us we can achieve our civil rights.

Others are joining us on the same road and together we will overcome our differences. All this can be done and will be done in this great decade, in this great country.

Do not give up, keep marching forward, and remember to celebrate what we have all achieved so far.

— Dave


In my seven decades I have never witnessed any serious police investigations into gay or Aboriginal deaths in custody nor in the public arena.

There have never been any serious investigations into mysterious gay deaths or bashings in the Manly district of Sydney, or the notorious Darlinghurst area, or even up here in West End, Brisbane which has a large Indigenous population.

Strange death incidents are quietly swept under the carpet or blamed on alcoholism or violence.

What makes me and other gay citizens angry is that if it involves a white, Anglo, heterosexual family, every effort is made and all the police resources always come into play to solve the case.

— Peter


I have been consuming copius amounts of organic wine since Mr Buckingham was annnounced as elected! (‘Greens win fifth Legislative Council seat’ SSO #1068) So much better than that Hanson woman!

— Brenty


Once, South America and homosexuality were an anathema (‘Uruguay to legalise same-sex marriage’, SSO #1068). It was seen as backward, the land of machismo, homophobia, and endless military coups.
So, if in 10 years this part of the world can not only establish a stable democracy but also grant its citizens more rights than a wealthy, reasonably liberal, stable democracy — as well as tackle a far stronger tradition of machismo and homophobia — what does this say about the strength of Australian democracy and its commitment to fundamental, unalienable rights for all?

— Patrick

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