Let’s Start A Family: LGBT Supporting Fertility Event Is Coming To Sydney

Let’s Start A Family: LGBT Supporting Fertility Event Is Coming To Sydney
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The World’s Longest Running and Most Highly Respected LGBTQ+ Supporting Fertility Event is Coming to Sydney

The highly anticipated arrival of the biggest fertility show on earth touches down on the 13-14 April, 2024, at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

What can you expect at Wish for a Baby?

Whoever you are, whatever your challenges, and wherever you are on your journey to start a family, Wish for a Baby (WFB) is here to make everything easier – and it’s free.

The exhibition has been running across Europe for almost a decade and will now offer support to anyone wishing to become a parent in Australia. You can meet domestic fertility experts, as well as those from the US, Spain, the UK, Canada, Ukraine, and Hong Kong.

Alongside the exhibition, WFB offers two days of important information for couples and singles in its seminar theatres, with extensive information on egg donation, surrogacy, sperm donation, IVF, and legal matters. After participating, the organisers say you will be able to plan your next steps with newfound confidence.

Wish for a Baby Portfolio Director Ben Corbett says, “We’re proud to not just serve, but be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is welcome at Wish for a Baby, and we speak to people every day whose lives were changed and wishes fulfilled after conversations that took place at our events”.

This is further reinforced by German Dad Daniel (@_papi_daniel), who said:

“Looking back, we have to admit that without Wish for a Baby we’d never have found our way and wouldn’t have got through the process so smoothly.”

Daniel (@_papi_daniel) with family. Image supplied.

“We now look forward to attending the fertility event every year, so we ourselves can answer questions from couples in a similar situation to ours two years ago.”

Daniel’s wish to return two years on is a testament to Wish for a Baby’s reputation as a yearly celebration of hope and inclusion. Across the European events, singles and couples often return to introduce their children to those who made their dream possible.

But the truth is the journey is long, stressful, challenging and with many different pathways. This is why an event like WFB can really help.

Event Director Christine Schmidt elaborates, “Depending on your needs, means and priorities, there are many clinics and agencies that can help you on your journey. At our event, you can speak to them all on the same day and understand the differences, particularly between different overseas destinations. This is vital in making the right decision that matches your personal circumstances. Everyone will need legal guidance and even that can be discussed at Wish for a Baby, with lawyers from Australia, US and Spain in attendance”.

Explore the WFB website to register, see which exhibitors will be in attendance and take note of the seminar talks you would like to attend.

13-14 April, 2024

The Sydney Masonic Centre

66 Goulburn Street, NSW

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