Lights, Camera, Action: Flickerfest showcases the best short films in its 2024 return

Lights, Camera, Action: Flickerfest showcases the best short films in its 2024 return

Australia’s famous short film festival, Flickerfest returns for its 33rd year at Bondi Pavilion this January. 

Taking root as a small local festival at Balmain High School in 1991, Flickerfest has flourished to become Australia’s leading Academy® accredited & BAFTA recognised competitive Australian & International Short Film Festival with 1000’s of entries coming from filmmakers across the globe.

The 2024 season will kick off in Sydney at the Bondi Pavilion on January 19-28, 2024, with the films screening across 29 sessions.

Over 3,400 submissions, hailing from every corner of the globe, from Australia and beyond, have been carefully selected to craft 10 days of unmissable programs, showcasing just over 200 short films.

33 Years of Flickerfest

Every year, Flickerfest commits itself to bringing audiences films that amaze, charm, and astound, presenting the most exceptional contemporary storytelling available.

Prepare your popcorn and settle in for a cinematic treat! Get ready to unwind and enjoy a curated collection of standout films, carefully selected as the best and most inspiring in the industry.

Flickerfest is also set to commemorate LGBTQI+ short films in its 7th annual Rainbow Shorts program. The line-up, curated by the award-winning queer filmmaker and director Craig Boreham (known for Teenage Kids and Lonesome), promises a celebration of diverse and compelling stories within the LGBTQI+ community.

Rainbow Shorts promises an unforgettable night dedicated to queer stories and films spanning the globe. Don’t miss 9 stunning LGBTQI films from Brazil, Germany, France, Morocco and The UK Australia and more and be amazed by the incredible talent of these filmmakers, all vying for Best Rainbow. 

According to Australian director Craig Boreham, Rainbow Shorts embodies a “beauty” in creating a space where “people in the community can come together and watch themselves on screen.”

“The festival has always programmed queer content throughout, but Rainbow Shorts is a dedicated night where we can get together and watch the good stuff”, Boreham adds. 

The Rainbow Shorts screen on Thursday the 25th of January at 6:30pm as part of the Flickerfest International Film Festival screening from the 19th -28th January at Bondi Pavilion.

Admission to Flickerfest starts at $22 for a single session. For The full programme and tickets – Now On Sale –visit

Experience the magic of cinema come alive at Flickerfest 2024, where stories unfold on the big screen, promising an unforgettable journey through the art of filmmaking. 

Join other lovers of great cinema on the red carpet and under the stars at Australia’s leading short film festival this summer. 

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