Monthly Women’s Event To Launch On The Gold Coast This Week

Monthly Women’s Event To Launch On The Gold Coast This Week
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Gold Coast LGBTQIA+ venue Hairy Mary’s will this week host their first women’s only event.

The event will be the first of many as they prepare to introduce their regular event, Lick.

LICK: Women’s only event to launch at Hairy Mary’s

It’s been just over ten weeks since Hairy Mary’s opened their doors on the Gold Coast.

Locals have been flocking to the venue, the only LGBTQIA+ venue on the coast.

As the popularity of the venue grows so too is the diversity of events on offer.

Following their weekly trivia nights, dance and drag nights and their most recent Easter celebrations Hairy Mary’s will now launch their monthly events calendar,

Aimed at providing safe and unique events to celebrate all aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community the venue will see the introduction of monthly events.

The first Thursday evening of every month will officially launch as Lick.

The night will be exclusively for female patrons, including all female staff & DJ’s running the event as well.

A Men’s only event, Ruff, will also launch on the last Thursday of the month, with dates and information for a regular night for trans and gender diverse guests to launch in the near future too.

When: First Thursday Of The Month

Where: Hairy Mary’s, 7 Surfers Ave, Mermaid Beach




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