Charli XCX Announces ‘Girl, So Confusing’ Remix With Lorde

Charli XCX Announces ‘Girl, So Confusing’ Remix With Lorde
Image: Source: @charlixcx and @lordearchive on Instagram

Charli xcx is continuing to keep fans happy in her incredible Brat era, with the popstar announcing today that Kiwi singer-songwriter Lorde is set to appear on a new version of Girl, so confusing.

Aside from it being incredibly exciting to see two boundary-pushing pop artists finally collaborating, Lorde’s appearance on Girl, so confusing has an extra layer since many fans thought that the original song was about Lorde, though Charli doesn’t consider it a ‘diss track’. 

When Brat released, fans began to speculate that the song was about the Green Light hitmaker owing to a number of lyrics. “People say we’re alike / They say we’ve got the same hair,” alludes to a number of online jokes about Charli and Lorde looking similar, while people have interpreted “You’re all about writing poems / But I’m about throwing parties” as being about the differences between the two artists. 

Further evidence for this came from a recent Rolling Stone UK article where Charli admitted that she had been jealous of Lorde in the past, though clarified she’s moved past those feelings and that her and Lorde (who was one of the first artists to praise Brat on release) are on good terms now. 

The announcement of Girl, so confusing 

That much is evident from the existence of the Girl, so confusing remix, which both Charli XCX and Lorde posted to their social media. Sharing a snippet of the remix to her story, the Royals singer practically confirmed the song was about her with the lyrics: “You told me how you’ve been feeling / Let’s work it out on the remix”. 

The news has, unsurprisingly, sent fans wild (Charli was right when she said that “the internet would go crazy” if the two of them ever collaborated). 

Many were equally elated and shocked to see this remix happening, with one fan calling it a “historical moment in at least five ways, maybe more.” Others were happy to see Lorde again: “Album so good it got Lorde out of hibernation…” said one user. 

The Girl, so confusing remix is due to release later today, at 12am EST (or 2pm AEST). 

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