Natalie Bassingthwaighte Comes Out

Natalie Bassingthwaighte Comes Out
Image: Natalie Bassingthwaighte Instagram

Australian singer and actor Natalie Bassingthwaighte has come out, revealing, in an interview, that she is in a relationship with a woman.

In a November 18 interview with Stellar magazine podcast, Something To Talk About, Bassingthwaighte said, “I am in a beautiful relationship with a woman who makes my heart smile and makes me really happy.”

‘I Wasn’t Outed. But The Threat Was There’

During the interview, Bassingthwaighte also revealed that she felt threatened by a media push to out her.

“I wanted to be able to do it in my time when I was ready and speak my truth when I was ready.” 

Bassingthwaighte continued, “I felt a bit threatened, and look, I get journalism I understand and have been so supported, so much, over the years, but I felt this particular time, I was backed into a corner a little bit. 

“It was like, ‘Give me a quote or we’re going to print the story. We know that you’re in a new relationship with a woman  – we know who it is – we won’t talk about that, but will you give us a quote?’

“And that felt very threatening to me because that was something that I’ve been private about because it’s been new for me, and new for my family, and a new discovery for me of feeling into my own skin for the first time in my life.”

She added, “I wasn’t outed. But the threat was there, and it was very overwhelming.” 

Having The Support Of Her Ex-Husband ‘Has Been Nothing Short Of Beautiful’

Bassingthwaighte explained that she turned to ex-husband, Cameron McGlinchey about how to handle the possibility of being outed. 

She recalled. “I rang Cam and I was hysterical… and he said, ‘It’s okay. This is your truth and you now have to sit in it, and stand in it, and own it’. And to have that support from him has been nothing short of beautiful.”

Bassingthwaighte and McGlinchey were married in 2011. In August, it was announced that they had ended their marriage.

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