Katrina Summers, A Tax Agent Who Helps LGBTIQA+ People ‘Figure It Out’

Katrina Summers, A Tax Agent Who Helps LGBTIQA+ People ‘Figure It Out’

Tax time is always a stressful time of the year. Some may have it easier and lodge it themselves while many others are fighting to secure spots with Accountants to get their taxes professionally done. And what if you’re a member of the LGBTIQA+ communities or in the Adult Industries profession?

Thankfully, Katrina Summers can Figure It Out for you.

Katrina is your saving grace, with her Accounting and Tax Agent business called Figure It Out helping to cater specifically to the LGBTIQA+ communities and the Adult Industries.

Established back in 1992, Katrina had completed her degrees at the University of Technology and saw that within the LGBTIQA+ communities and Adult Industries, there was a market void of an Accountant who could take them on. They needed someone who was empathetic, kind and financially savvy to help them. Katrina and Figure It Out Accounting and Tax Agents came to the rescue.

After starting out in Sydney, Katrina and her business eventually expanded to Melbourne as well and today, it’s staffed by three lovely ladies in the heart of these two great cities.

Katrina’s passion doesn’t stop in the world of numbers, she’s also established an Entertainment Agency for Queer Artists, is a former board member of Queer Screen, completed a Certificate in Aviation and has been extensively involved with working parties for Sex Workers Outreach Programme (SWOP).

Star Observer spoke with Katrina who remains passionate about her work and why she decided to open up her accounting practice.

“Back in those days there really wasn’t any or hardly any Accountants who were out there specifically to assist the LGBTIQA+ communities and it made perfect sense for me to open up a taxation practice given I am part of this community,” she said.

“Figure It Out Accounting provides an environment where the LBGTIQA+ communities can feel comfortable to discuss their taxation and financial needs with the utmost confidentiality.”

“As Accountants and Tax Agents, we deal with sensitive information respectfully and discretely. Everyone is welcome to visit our Sydney and Melbourne offices.”

When it comes to specific tax deductions, Katrina has knowledge and experience from her years working in the industry and she Just Gets It!

“I know what specific deductions you can claim and I am here to take the pressure off so the LGBTIQA+ communities do not feel stressed or worry… that’s my job!” she said.

“I speak the financial language for the sex/adult and queer communities in a simple way… time and time again after visiting my offices people say ‘you make Accounting seem so easy.’ And you know what? It is well it is to me.. of course!”

“I am also a Home Mortgage and motor vehicle Broker, so my main purpose is to get everyone a property at the end of the day. I can assist people in purchasing a home, talk about negative gearing, capital gains tax, refinancing or buying a new car”

For a further breakdown Figure It Out provides the following services:

  • Individual, Self-employed (Sole Trader) Tax Returns
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Multiple Tax Returns
  • Documentation and Receipt Collection
  • Instalment Activity Statements
  • Assistance and guidance in completing Business Activity Statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Mortgage Broker

With the last financial year seeing the end of the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset (LMITO), many may see less money coming back to them this year. Thankfully, Katrina is aware of this and aims to help to ensure more money comes back into your pockets.

“This will certainly have an impact on some of our clients, but Figure It Out Accounting will endeavour to help clients find other work related deductions that are claimable to offset this,” she said.

“I am privileged and I feel extremely proud that I’ve been able to help the LGBTIQA+ communities for the past 32 years in taxation and putting people on the road to financial security and success.”

“We must be doing the best job for our clients as they keep coming back.”

Indeed, many have praised Katrina and her work in helping them with their tax returns, with one person reviewing Figure It Out as “a wonderful Accounting service.”

“Highly recommend their services. Katrina is always professional and responsive to requests in a very timely fashion. Highly recommend “Figure It Out!” a customer stated.


Address: The Como Centre: Level 19, 644 Chapel Street South Yarra 3141

Phone: 0411235084


Address: The Regency: 1106/281 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000

Phone: (02) 9818 8181 or 0411235084

Online: www.figureitout.com.au

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