Hey Gaymers! Kirby Star Allies, Attack on Titan 2, and Final Fantasy XV

Hey Gaymers! Kirby Star Allies, Attack on Titan 2, and Final Fantasy XV

The year is well and truly ticking on and there are already so many fantastic games to get into, so let’s spill the tea on what’s hot and worth the (second) best kind of hand cramps…

A must buy for March is Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch, which sees the return of Kirby, legendary mascot for the twink community.

Our little pink friend can suck any enemy he wants to and steal their mojo in the game, which introduces a whole new style of playing for the series.

In a new spin, you can now turn your enemies into frenemies to play alongside you.

This is Kirby’s debut on the top selling console and coming from a Gaymer like me who owns roughly a dozen Kirby games, I can vouch for how good they are.

I find that most Gaymers tend to be big anime fans, so if you loved Attack on Titan, its second release launches later this month.

Based on the hit second series, you can live out the fantasy of the epic story and protect humanity from the creepy Titans!

While the game is set to be released on each console, if you pre-order at EB Games you get a free steel case, something a collector like me can’t go past.

I always like to touch on any new Final Fantasy game coming out, and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition on PS4 and Xbox One is no exception.

Even though it’s a re-release, the game was nominated for over 150 awards and now comes loaded with a new camera mode, plenty of DLC, and a season pass.

If you love the stunning visuals and captivating gameplay expected in any FF game, then I wouldn’t let this one pass.

I’ve previously rattled on about the Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves, which finally launches this month.

Playing the closed Beta truly sold me on the potential this game has to be a hit and to summarise: you play as pirates, loot, and fight to prepare yourself for a fabulous adventure.

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